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                                                          All characters are copyright of S.E.G.A and Sonic Team

                                                                         Sonic X Season 4

                                                                              Metal Saga

                                                                         By Gold-Ring-951

Last time, Sonic and everyone decided to join Chris and Sireena in the events of this year’s marital arts tournament as they also encounter old friends as well as rivals. While they all took part in the battle royal, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Chris and Sireena all made it through except for Omega and Team Chaotix as they all got taken down by two hooded strangers as well as unknown fighter in a robotic suit. With this part over, what will happen next.

                                                              Episode 100: Rounds Begin! Knuckles Vs. Kendo the Spider!

                                                                   *Station Square City, Marital Arts Stadium*

Back at the stadium, everyone was still seated in their sets while waiting for the next announcement just as it was about to me made and known by the reporters and judges.

“Thank you for waiting everyone! We will now decide who which opponents will face each other in the quarter rounds.” Scarlet said as everyone out in the open and in the waiting room waits while the big T.V. screen shows slots of people’s pictures all beginning to randomly move all over to decide who will face who just as it stops and finally reviles. “Here we are! The first match will be between Young Sireena Thorndyke and Miles “Tails” Prower!” She said showing the pic slots of Tails and Sireena.

“Wow! I’m up first!” Sireena said as she got up with joy.

“So am I!” Tails said looking glad and surprised. “Let’s wish us both luck in this one!” He said as he turns to Sireena.

“Same here Tails!” Sireena said as she and Tails gave a friendly grip with each hand.

“In the second block we have also Chris Thorndyke vs. Rouge the Bat!” Scarlet announced as the slots show Chris and Rouge.

“I’m up against Rouge!?” Chris said looking shocked and surprised.

“Well, well, this is quite a coincidence!” Rouge said looking a little surprised and looked over at Chris with a sneaky look. “Guess I’ll see you on the field then, honey!” She said as she gave a wink at Chris as he looks nervous about this to come.

“In the third block we have Knuckles the Echidna vs. the mysterious Mr. S!” Scarlet announced again as the slots show Knuckles and the Hooded Stranger with the wooden swords as this shocks everyone.

“I’m up against this guy!” Knuckles said by surprise as he tries to look around seeing where his upcoming opponent was, but no sign of him anywhere.

“Bhehehehe…” The Hooded stranger known as Mr. S laughed quietly while hiding behind the entryway out of the waiting room.

“In the fourth block we have Sonic the Hedgehog going off against Joz the Foot.” Scarlet said again as the slots show Sonic’s face and his opponent’s.

“I look forward to battling you Hog!” Joz said who was slim muscular man with blond hair and was wearing white wrist bands and white trousers. His feet also looked very all as well.

“Sure, I be happy to go up against guys like you first!” Sonic chuckled seeing this as no probe for later.

“In the fifth block we have Amy Rose vs. Opa Tick-Tock.” Scarlet said as the slots show Amy and her opponent she will face.

“I’m up against this guy first!?” Amy asks and wonders as she looks over at the person she will face who was a man with black afro hair and a moustache in the shape of clock hands. He was also wearing a yellow summer shirt with orange numbers all over and had tan colour shorts and sandals. He then looks over at Amy in wonder.

“In the sixth block we have Mr. W vs. Zack Ground.”

“Sixth block huh? Fine by me!” The Hooded strange known as Mr. W said.

“Hay where is the guy I’ll beat up first?” Zack asks who was big muscular man with a brown curly beard and was wearing black shows and shorts.

“In the seventh block we have Shadow the Hedgehog fighting Mitch!”

“Hmph!” Shadow hummed not looking interested that much in his first battle.

The person he was facing looked more like a rat boy showing his front top teeth out of his mouth and had a moustache in the style of whiskers like a real rat. He was also wearing a black belt uniform which was gray colour.

“And finally in the eighth block we have Salt vs. Howard!” Scarlet said one last time as it shows slots of the robot suit person and his first opponent.

“Oh well, this will do for a start!” Howard said looking up.

“Hmm…” Salt said who was a man in long black beautiful hair and was wearing a green kimono with Yin-Yan symbol on each arm sleeve.

“With all blocks now sorted, we shall wait a few minutes for the first match to start soon.” Scarlet said with a few last details on the events to come.

“We shall see how well our contestants will do!” Eric said making his thoughts on all this.

“You two should get ready while we stay here and cheer you both on!” Vector said.

“Sure thing! You ready then, Tails?” Sireena asks as she turns back to face Tails.

“I sure am. Let’s get going!” tails said as he and Sireena rush off to the ring to get prepared.

“Good luck you guys!” Chris said while supporting them both as the two left.

“Let’s head back to everyone else, Mama!” Cream suggested.

“It’s a good idea, dear! Let’s be going.” Vanilla said as she, Cream and the Chao leave the waiting room.

                                                                              *7 minutes later*

A moment later, the whole crowed cheers as the next match was getting started just as Sireena and Tails make their way to the ring with Elmer standing far back in between make the announcement.

“Here we are folks, we are about to get the first round underway. First let’s introduces our first contestants.” Elma said as he calls out the fighters’ names. “On the left we have who everyone knows as the daughter of Thorndyke Corps’ company owner and nieces of Thorndyke Industries owner, Miss Sireena Thorndyke!!! And on the right we have everyone’s favourite two tailed fox who is Sonic’s sidekick brother; give it up for Miles Tails Prower!!!” He said out loud as the whole crowed cheers even louder.

“SIREENA, FIGHT, FIGHT, GO!” Mai and the other students call out while cheerleading for Sireena to do her best.

“Don’t worry Sireena; we’ll be here giving support!” Thomas said while filming the scene with his camera.

“Thanks guys!” Sireena said while waving to her school friends.

“I wonder how Miss Sireena and Tails will do in this one?” Ella said while she and the others watch and wait.

“Well I did notice she has gotten quite good since then!” Mr Tanaka said.

“It’s got to be her or Tails.” Danny said as he wonders who might win.

“I can’t really decide who I want to win in this match!” Francis said seeing this will be deciding.

“Go for it you guys!” Helen calls out while cheering her friends on.

As Sireena and Tails take ground poses and get ready, the countdown starts.





The battle begins as Sireena and Tails charge at each other as they collide with a punch from her and a tail whip from him. Sireena then begin her next attack in a close-combat of punches and kicks as Tails avoids them by moving one side to another as he blocks the last one with his twin tails like a shield. Tails then ducks from Sireena’s kick attack and grabs her legs as he then takes flight in the air. He then hovers up right and begins to spin around and around while holding on to Sireena’s legs before letting her go by throwing her up in the air. She then gets a hold of herself as she then comes charging down with an aerial kick just as Tails notices and moves out of the way as she misses him and lands back on the ring. Tails was coming in with a flying tackle attack on Sireena, but she was able to back flip kick the attack by cancelling it out as she then jumps up and does a kick attack into Tails as this sends the fox flying backwards out of the ring and was about to hit the wall, but stops just in time as he gains flight in mid-air and comes charging back at Sireena as he was coming in with a Tail Slam attack, but misses her and only makes a crake on the ring floor. Sireena then comes back as she and Tails begin to close-combat each other while moving very close to the side of the ring as Tails jumps up and then goes into a Spin Dash as he falls down at Sireena, but misses again just as she jumps to the side. As tails comes out of the dust cloud and charges at her, Sireena was able to doge his attack by moving out of the way in motion as she was able to grab both of Tails’ tails and begins to spin around and around and let’s go as Tails was sent out of the ring, but was able to stop just in time again. However, he notices Sireena was coming in with an aerial kick as he cross his arms in front of himself to block as Sireena lands on him with great force and jumps off safely back on the ring as Tails lands on the floor out looking surprised.


“And Tails is out of the ring! Which means our winner of the first round is Sireena Thorndyke!” Elma said making the announcement after bell rang and holds Sireena’s hand up high as the crowd cheers for her.

“Alright I did it!” Sireena said looking so happy about her first win in the tournament.

“Yes! Sireena made it through!” Mai said who was happy for her friend.

“I got everything on tape too! This is going to be awesome once people see the action I recorded!” Thomas said looking glad as he checks his camera.

“That was a very good battle to start with! What are your thoughts on this Master Eric?” Scarlet asks as she and the audience listen.

“It was a perfect strategy when young Sireena had wide space when Tails came out as she grabbed his tails and throw him out of the ring just as she was able to jump kick down with a lighter body. That’s something many should watch out for if going straight at the person.” Eric said giving details on how the first battle turned out.

“That was a good battle there, Tails!” Sireena said as she walks up to Tails and helps him up from the floor.

“You were great in this one! I’ll be rooting for you in the next rounds!” Tails said as he and Sireena shack hands and smile.

Everyone cheers even more seeing how the two friends were congratulating each other; even Sonic and the others in the waiting room also were impress. “Sireena and Tails sure did great, even some of that training I helped her with sure paid off!” He said looking impress even more.

“Now we shall wait for the next match to begin in a few minutes, so our next fighters please get ready!” Scarlet said as the next match was to begin in a few minutes.

“That’s me; I’m up next you guys!” Chris said looking excited.

“Good luck in match, Chris!” Knuckles said as he gave him a thumbs up.

“We’ll all root for you, so do your best!” Amy said with a wink.

“Thanks guys, wish me luck!” Chris said as he takes off.

“Well it’s my turn as well! I’ll see you after this!” Rouge said as she too rushes off to meet up with Chris.

“NOT FARE THAT I DON’T GET TO BATTLE NOW!” Omega said feeling so down that he has no chance after his loss.

“Will you get over it already!” Shadow said feeling really annoyed by Omega’s depression. “Just be grateful that me and Rouge are still in the game.”

A few minutes later, the next match was almost underway as the crowed was very excited for what was next just as Elmer spoke.

“And now ladies and gentlemen, let’s get things underway with the next match.” Elmer said as the crowed cheers and the next two contestants make their way onto the ring. “On the left we have who everyone knows as son of the famous Thorndyke Family, Christopher Thorndyke! And on the right we have who everyone knows as the great jewel thief and government agent, Rouge the Bat!” He announced as both fighters wave to their hands and arms to everyone around including their friends.

“You sure you fill up to it, Honey?” Rouge asks not looking worried at all as she takes her post in position.

“I won’t know if I have the upper hand!” Chris said looking ready for battle.

“Go Chris!” Cream cheers out from her set while cheering for Chris just as Helen, Danny and Francis do the same.

“Do your best dear!” Lindsey calls out to her son.

“We’ll be here rooting for you!” Nelson said out to his son.

“So without further delay, let’s get this battle underway!” Elmer said as he takes some steps back out of the ring as Chris and Rouge get ready to battle.





The battle begins as Chris makes the first move by running towards Rouge and comes in with a flying in kick attack only to be blocked by her own kick. Chris then goes for close-combat with punches and kicks, but kept missing as Rouge doges them all before taking flight. She then comes at Chris with an axe kick as he then goes defence. After that he then does an upper kick which knocks Rouge off guard as he then jumps and gives her a powerful kick attack as the bat girl was sent flying far back, but soon gets a hold of herself and stops as she then comes charging back at Chris with a flying tackle at fast speed as this gave Chris some damage just as he falls to the ground, but then gets back up. Rouge then comes flying in back at Chris from behind just as he then notices with his eyes looking back and then rolls out of the way in a flip. He then runs up to Rouge who has stopped and turns as Chris attacks with a punch while she intercepts it with a kick. The two then go into a close-combat attack at each other with kicks and punches as they begun moving slowly close to the edge.

“Look at them go!” Tails said as he and the others watch the battle from the screen.

“I wonder who has the best advantage at the moment.” Knuckles asks while absorbing the whole scene.

“I sure hope Chris wins this one. He and I trained so hard for this day!” Sireena said with hope.

Back with the battle, Rouge back away from Chris even further as she was close the right far end of the Ring as Chris was about to come at her with one last attack with his karate kick.

“Time to shine the lights on his eyes!” Rouge said with a sneaky look as she the holds out her hands in front of her face and kisses the tip of her fingers as she then blows as hearts fill the air and hit into Chris.

Chris then begun to act strange with a dazed relaxed face of blush cheeks and a smile. Rouge then grabs his foot flying in and throws him out of the ring as Chris lands on the ground still in the weird condition.


“And Chris is out of the ring, which means our winner of this round is Rouge the Bat!” Elmer announces as he holds up Rouge’s hand in victory as the crowed cheers while Sonic and the others looked shocked of what happened.

“It’s all thanks to my lipstick!” Rouge said with a wink.

“Poor Chris lost!” Cream said looking sorry for Chris.

“I can’t believe he caught in an attack like that so easily!” Helen said looking so shocked of what happened.

“Err… what just happened?” Sireena asks with Sonic and the others all shocked and disgust in the waiting room.

“It’s almost the same trick she used on me the last time in a contest like this!” Tails said by remarking how he lost to Rouge once.

“That Batty Bat always pulls things off with us!” Knuckles said not looking very amused.

“Well it looks like this one is over and it looks like you’re up next Knuckles!” Sonic said remembering what was to come next after this round.

“It’s one of those two guys in the hoods! I’ll be on my toes for this one!” Knuckles said looking well aware of what was to come in his match with his opponent.

At the far corner of the exit out of the waiting room, the two strangers Mr W and Mr S were listening from what was going on as they spoke about it.

“It seems you’re up next!” Mr W said just as he give his partner advice. “Remember Mr S, even though with a ki powers, we must not underestimate that Hedgehog and his allies’ abilities while on this mission. We must make sure we give test on the person we are keeping eye on and to retrieve the Chaos Emerald as well. Remember, it’s all for our mission!”

“Bhahahahaha… Don’t worry Mr W, I’ll be sure that hedgehog’s red guy friend will be taken care of when we meet in match. Mr S said acting a little confident about his upcoming match with Knuckles. “The other two were a piece of cake for you and me. I think the Red back there will be given the same beating I gave to that bee boy. Bhahahahaha-HAHAHAHA!!!”

                                                                       *Special Eyecatch*

                                                                            Name: Mr S?

                                                                             Age: Unknown

                                                                          Height: Unknown

                                                                          Weight: Unknown

“Find out my secret Later on in the next part!” Mr S said who suddenly shows up on the scene.

                                                                      *Marital Arts Stadium*

Back at the stadium, the crowed waits and talk amongst themselves while the next match was soon to take place just as the judges begun to speak again.

“Well everyone we are about to begin the next match of the 3rd block really soon. First let us hear words from our champion, Eric!” Scarlet said as Eric stands up to say his words.

“I just like to say that the last battles have been pretty outstanding with our first two winners who will meet later on in the second round. Now we shall see how the rest of our competitors will do to reach the next step.” Eric said as he sits down again.

“Let us see then how it all goes!” The President said looking up at Eric before facing the other way again.

Back in the waiting room, Knuckles was getting prepared as he does a few stretches before the match. “That should be enough for it!” He said to himself as he stops stretching.

“You sure you’ll be alright out there?” Tails asks looking concerned.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll be A-Okay!” Knuckles said looking back at Tails.

“Sigh… I can’t believe I lost to Rouge after all the hard work for this.” Chris said looking disappointed after his lost in the match with Rouge.

“Don’t get so upset other something like that, Honey!” Rouge said by telling Chris to cheer up.

“That was a very sneaky trick you pulled on him though!” Amy remarks since she and the others saw what happened.

“Don’t blame me and my lips, I won’t be able to use it again in the next match anyway since I’ll be up against Miss Thorndyke here!” Rouge said as she tells the others about her next later match with Sireena as she makes eye contact on her.

“I look forward to it!” Sireena said looking excited about that fact as she grips her fist.

“Well I better get going, my turn is up!” Knuckles said as he begins to walk off.

“Wait Knuckles!” Sonic said as Knuckles Holts and turns around to face him. “Take this with you just in case.” He said as he holds out a Power Ring in his hand as Knuckles gently takes it.

“A Power Ring?” Knuckles asks looking a little confused.

“I know they only had worked on me a lot, but I think maybe you should try their power for once in this since you’re up against one of those hooded guys!” Sonic said looking straight at his friend.

“Thanks, I will if something comes up!” Knuckles said as he puts the Power Ring away in his hair just as he walks off out of the waiting room with everyone watching him go.

Back outside in the middle of the stadium, everything for the next match was nearly ready as Elmer makes the next announcement though the micro phone in his hand. “Now ladies and gentleman, we are about to begin the 3rd battle as we await our next competitors!” He said as the crowed cheers loudly just as Knuckles soon comes out of the entryway and onto the ring. “First up we have our great fighter who is one of Sonic’s allies and rivals, Knuckles the Echidna. Ant also we have who seems to be new and never heard of, the mysterious Mr S!” He said as Mr S also comes out of the entry way and onto the ring as he and Knuckles begun to stare at each other with the Echidna looking serious while the other still had his identity covered over with the hood over himself.

“At last we meet! I be happy to take on someone as strong as you!” Mr S said as he crosses his arms.

“When I saw you use those wooden swords on Charmy, it got me thinking on how someone like him got beaten so easy by a person like you!” Knuckles said as he thinks back to how Mr S defeated Charmy in the royal battle.  “Are you really human?”

“Bhahaha! You’ll find out soon enough.” Mr S said as he then draws out two of his wooden swords. “Let’s make this far. Do you have any weapons of your own to use? They say that these battles are anything goes.”

“Have them right here!” Knuckles said as he takes out his Shovel Claws and equips them. “My claws are all I need for this one!”

“Well what do you know everyone? It seems are two competitors are using hand gear for this one!” Scarlet said as the crowd were interested on how this will work out.

“For wooden swords, only those in kendo class can be performing. But for claws, I say this is something for ninjas to use!” Eric said while observing how the battle will play out as.

“Do you guys think Knuckles will be okay?” Danny asks with little worry.

“I can sense that his opponent has is giving off a powerful aura and I can tell he’ll be using very fast abilities. We’ll all wait and see this Mr S’s true power as well as his identity when this gets to the heat of things!” Interijento clams with a tense look while everyone looked concerned.

“Now then, let’s get this battle underway!” Elmer announces as the crowed cheers just as he steps out of sight as Knuckles and Mr S begun to take battle stand.





The battle begins as Knuckles and Mr S charge at each other and then collide with their weapons in a big clash before breaking away. They then attack with their weapons making contact with defence and deflect. Knuckles then tries to jab punch Mr S a few times, but kept missing due to the hood man’s incredible speed and agility unlike anything anyone knew as he then shows up behind the Echidna and tries to slash him, but miss as Knuckles ducks and rolls to the other side as he jumps back to attack with a hammer punch while the other defects it. Knuckles then notices some of his tiny hairs were on the floor due to the fact that Mr S’s wooden swords slashed past them as he soon found this very odd.

“How is it swords like those are able to cut hair so easy?” Knuckles asks finding it strange.

“I made these swords from a tree with wood that is so rear, it can even be made into sharp weapons they way you use them right.” Mr S said giving little details to Knuckles before attacking again.

The two then go into a sword and claw fight as they try to lend a hit on each other. As Knuckles jab punches, Mr S blocks his attack with his left sword and then jabs his right sword handle into his belly as this gave the echidna some pain.

“Take more than that!” Knuckles said looking a little fine as he continues to attack.

The two then jump into air and clash their weapons three times before dropping down. Knuckles then drill dives into the ring and digs under as Mr S lands and wonders where he was until he felt the ground shake and jumps up as Knuckles bursts out of the ground. As the two land on the ring again, they then decide to run over around it by giving chase as they begun to clash with their weapons again and again just before stopping. Knuckles then charges at Mr S while swordsman stands where he is as he draws in his swords and bends down.

“Wait that technique is…” Interijento said as he knew what Mr S was up to.

As Knuckles got close, light fades as Mr S draws out his two swords in a flash and knocks of Knuckles off the ground as well as his shovel claws as they land out of the ring while Knuckles was still in.

“Oh no, it looks like Knuckles’ weapons are out of the ring and won’t be able to retrieve them!” Scarlet said through the micro phone as this shocks not only the others, but the crowd as well.

Suddenly, Mr S begun to have the advantage as he begun to sword jab on Knuckles everywhere. He then throws his swords in the air and then begins to attack Knuckles again with multiple punches and then gives him a heard upper kick and then a straight kick in the gut as this knocks the red hero back further.

*What’s going on? Not only is he fast and strong, but it felt like just now he had more than two fits he was using on me!* Knuckles thought while trying to get up.

Just then after Mr S grabs his swords again, he vanishes right in front of Knuckles and reappears beside him and kicks him in the air as he then reappears from up high and then gives a heard sword bash which sends the red hero flying back down to ring as this makes a creator.

“Poor Knuckles is getting beaten really bad!” Francis said looking very worried like the others.

“He’s totally out match!” Tails said as he and the others watch on screen looking worried for Knuckles.

“He must be feeling the same force I felt when that guy’s swords hit me all over.” Charmy said while watching and remembering what he felt.

Mr S then walks closer to where Knuckles’ beaten body was as he begun to multi sword jab him all over with hard force like a jackhammer as this was giving Knuckles more damage as he yells in pain. “You are completely defenceless! Why did I ever bother fighting you anyway?”

“What’s that guy think he’s doing?” Amy asks seeing that Mr S was now using brute force on Knuckles.

“If that guy keeps attack Knuckles like that, who knows if he’ll be okay or not!” Sireena said seeing this was nearly killing Knuckles.

At the far corner in the waiting room, Mr W was also watching this. “You fool, we were meant to observe these guys first, not kill them already!” He said not looking very amused as he turns away.

Back on the battle field, Knuckles was loosing focuses with the attack still spreading over him as he struggles to get up and fight. “ I got get up… I can’t let this guy beat me today…” He said as he struggles. Until…


“A Power Ring?” Knuckles asks looking a little confused.

“I know they only had worked on me a lot, but I think maybe you should try their power for once in this since you’re up against one of those hooded guys!” Sonic said looking straight at his friend.

“Thanks, I will if something comes up!” Knuckles said as he puts the Power Ring away in his hair just as he walks off out of the waiting room with everyone watching him go.


“Right then!” Knuckles said as he puts his left hand in his back and takes out the Power Ring Sonic gave to him as it then begun to glow bright.

Suddenly, a bright light glows from Knuckles as this forces Mr S off of his body as well as stopping his attack as he backs off.

“Now what?” Mr S asks as he looks at where Knuckles was.

“Now whiteness my power!” Knuckles said as he stands up and holds out his right hand which was glowing green. “Take this!” He shouts out as thunderbolts rain down from the air out of nowhere and was able to hit Mr S as he stands in shock and was beginning to feel some pain as he knees down.

“Did you all see that?” Chuck asks as the other notice as well of what just happened.

“Just now it looked like thunder came down on that guy!” Helen said looking surprised.

“That move was… Thunder Arrows!” Interijento said looking even more surprised as everyone else looks over at him a bit confused. “It’s a power this young fellow had without knowing until now! This move can only be used when having Chaos Energy in themselves.”

Back on the ring as Mr S felt dazed by the attack, this was Knuckles’ chance as he then begun to attack with Gatling Punch and then an Uppercut which sends the swordsmen in the air as he jumps after him.

“One more should finish you off. Thunder Arrow!!!” Knuckles shouts out as he calls his new attack again and hits Mr S one more time as he falls to the ring floor as dust fills the air just as Knuckles lands. “Hah! Now who is defenceless?” He asks with a frown smile.

After the dust clears, a cape was seen on the floor with two feet standing before it just as the air fully clears as Knuckles and everyone looked and saw who Mr S’s real identity was with them looking so shocked. His entire body was covered in black ninja garb with orange marks and wrist bands and was wearing what looked like a hockey player mask with his eyes not fully seen.

“So is this your identity?” Knuckles asks as he waits for an answer.

“Yes, but not fully. Let me give a real surprise of what I am!” Mr. S said as he stood still and did something no one would expect.

Four more arms appeared out of his body and then removes his hockey makes to revile his eyes as this surprises and shocks not only Knuckles, but Sonic, the others and everyone in the stadium. A woman also screams in horror of how the person has 6 arms. His face was still not fully shown, but had purple eye dots showing.

“Yo… You’re a…” Knuckles said looking so surprised as he could not say properly of what he was seeing.

“Not quite what you think, but I’ll take as a maybe.” Mr S said as he begun to speak more. “I am the number one swordsman of my group who came to this world in seeking great power such as the Three Lights as well as the Chaos Emeralds. I before you am… Kendo the Spider!” He said by reviling his true name and appearance.

Name: Kendo the Spider

Age: 17

Height: 90 cm (2 ft 11in)

Weight: 44 Kg (88 lbs)

Back in the waiting room, Sonic and the others were also shocked by this as they looked speechless about it.

“Is this guy from your world?” Sireena asks seeing that Kendo looked like someone back on Mobius.

“I never had seen this person before in my life, Sireena!” Sonic said confirming that he and the others were not familiar with Kendo.

“Question is what is he doing here at this tournament?” Tails asks looking very concerned about it.

Outside the waiting room, Mr W also notice what had happened as he turns away with almost the bottom part of his face being shown out of the shadows as he smiles with his teeth showing and laughs quietly.

As the crown looks in shock, even Interijento was more surprised than the others as if he knew what was going on and who Kendo was as he did not say anything.

“Alright who are you and why are you here in this world?” Knuckles asks demanding an answer from Kendo.

“Bhahahaha!!! I’m afraid I can’t tell you that just yet!” Kendo said as he then puts his swords away and turns to his right and holds one of his arms out just as white string suddenly sprays out of his palm and attaches to the wall as he was then pulled to it and held on to the side. “I look forward to when we meet again, Knuckles! Till then… see ya later!” He said as he climbs and reaches the top of the structure as he then jumps high in the air and out of the stadium.

“Come back here!” Knuckles shouts out, but was now hopeless as Kendo was out of sight with the crowd left stung while Knuckles frowns and grows with anger. “Just wait, I’ll be hunting you down after all this is over!”

“What a thing to happen, with the identity of Mr S finally reviled as Kendo the Spider, he escapes which leaves our heroes in thought of this. What will come next in the martial arts tournament though? Who is Mr W’s identity as well? Find out next time on Sonic X”

                                                                          To Be Continued
Here it is and finally folks! :D The 100th Ep of Sonic X in my fan-made mind. Also introducing a new character to make this one very Special. Let me give you a little info on my new Sonic Character, Kendo the Spider. Kendo (剣道 kendō?), means "Way of The Sword" in Japanese and the character is sorta dressed up in a mix of both a ninja and samuri who uses two sword style fighting with wooden swords which said to cut anything just like razor metal blades. More will be reviled about him later as some of you might had already guessed.

(BG Music)

Think some soundtracks later.

Anyway I hope you all enjoyed it! :D Next time I will be starting a new Sonic Project this June and promised to some people. Sonic the Hedgehog Z.

Characters By SEGA and Sonic Team
Interijento, Eric, Mai Tomies and Kendo (New) By Gold-Ring-951 (Me)
Sireena By Kittygur38
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Darcygagnon Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
The very first time, Chris is fighting with Rouge .

Rouge saves Chris's life several times and in several episodes.
gold-ring-951 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014
Well it was a contest to reach and win a Chaos Emerald, and Rouge will do anything to win it even if it means battling Chris.
Darcygagnon Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I just saying, you seen the episodes of 26 and 64 that Rouge saves Chris's life, cause he had the 6 emeralds in both of his arms while Rouge was holding him, and the two emeralds in his pockets almost about to get attack by Shadow, and Rouge saves him again. Including episode 48, without the emeralds, Rouge just flew on time and carried Chris to a safe location.
gold-ring-951 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
I guess it all just depends on a digree with thoses two.
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