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                           All characters are copyright of Nintendo

                                   Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

                                      The Portal Pass!

                                      By Gold-Ring-951

                                  Episode 1: Oppose Dusty.

Two years ago on the planet Pop Star, a young, very young round pink creature arrived and happily made his home on a peaceful landscape of Dream Land.  The citizens were welcoming of the youngster, except for a self-proclaimed king.  The young warrior came to be known as Kirby and his arrival was foretold by Kabu.  King Dedede and his adviser Escargoon grew jealous of the attention Kirby took from them.  They were eager to push Kirby from their kingdom; however, Kirby had already made good friends with the denizens of Cappy Town, those which include Tiff and Tuff Ebrum. Among them were three other friendly Cappy children and a smart mouthed, bird named Tokkori.

King Dedede, jealous of Kirby, was constantly motivated to order monsters known as Demon Beasts from a war mongering company known as Nightmare Enterprises.  Kirby was able to bust and break every Demon Beast that was thrown at him, but despite this he was still friendly towards Dedede and Escargoon.  Kirby was assisted many times by a mysterious knight aptly know as Meta Knight and two disciples that stood by his side both named Sword and Blade.  At times Meta Knight seemed to assist Kirby.  Finally, after months of construction, and during a raid by Nightmare Enterprises, Meta Knight revealed his biggest and most well-kept secret.  He was constructing a battle ship that lay deep under Dedede's castle in hopes that he could travel to the Nightmare's stronghold.  After a lot of squabbling, Meta Knight and Kirby with the help of all his friends entered Nightmare's compound.  Kirby and his friends managed to destroy the compound and Nightmare along with it.  With the ultimate victory under their belts, Kirby and his friends returned to Dreamland to celebrate their well-deserved victory, or has a new quest jest begun…

                               *Dreamland, One Month Later*
It was a nice sunny day as Kirby walks out of his house and takes a gulp of fresh air with Tokkori following him.

Tokkori: Hay, Kirby! Where are you going?

Kirby: Poyo, Kirby of to play.

Tokkori: Well alright. Just don't go overboard out there. Ya know things have been going normal for a month now. No Demon Beast, no Star Warrior stuff. Know what I mean?

Unfortunately, Kirby took off to Cappy Town and left Tokkori speaking to himself. As he walks down the dirt road, he sees two little yellow people running up to him.

Tiff: Kirby! Hi, Kirby!

Tuff: Hay how's it going?

Kirby: Poyo, Hi Tiff! Hi Tuff!

Tuff: We were on our way to find you.

Tiff: Yah, and were moving some old stuff out of the castle so we can get enough savings to repair and build the hole place. You want to come and help?

Kirby: Kirby like to help!

Tiff: (giggle) OK, come on let's head back.

Now walking with his two best friends, Kirby, Tiff and Tuff head back to the castle to sort some stuff out.

                                  *Dreamland, Castle Dedede*
Whale in the castle's throne room, King Dedede sat on his throne looking miserable as he drinks his wine from his wineglass.

Dedede: Man! After Kirby got ridda Nightmare Enterprises it's been so hard to think up somethin' to get ridda that puffball. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr… I WISH THERE WAS A WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY.

His scream causes everyone in the castle to startle. Meanwhile, Escargoon was busy looking for some stuff to sale in the castle's basement as he was struggling to find anything that might be a good bargain.

Escargoon: oaf… hmm, I wish his majesty would make this place neat and tidy.

As the snail looks around, he finds something that was far away from the other bits of junk and was covered with white sheets as he approaches it.

Escargoon: hmm… wonder what's under that cloth?

As he pulls the sheets off, he finds a nice looking mirror. It was egg shape collared gold with a crown on the top and four stars on both sides of the mirror left and right from top to bottom. The amazing part was that the mirror had big golden wings on the back that look like they're from a phoenix. Escargoon was amazed by this antic and wish to tell his majesty that they should still keep it.

Escargoon: My gosh! His majesty should keep this thing. It's too good to be sold!

As the snail rushes out of the basement all his way to the throne room, he barges in and tells the king.

Escargoon: Sire! You're goanna love what I found.

Unfortunately, Dedede did not respond as he was still in his own little world of shame mumbling.

Escargoon: huh? Sire, what's the matter?

Dedede: Ah, Escargoon, after Kirby got ridda Nightmare Enterprises it's been so hard to think up somethin' to get ridda Kirby. With no more Demon Beasts we can't drive Kirby out!

Escargoon: Well look at the bright side, Sire, at less we won't be spending money anymore!

Dedede: By the way, why did you pop in here all of a sudden?

Escargoon: Well, Sire, while I was looking for some stuff to seal, I found this nice looking golden mirror down in the basement. Where did you get exactly?

Dedede: I got that mirror from an old merchant 5 years ago when she was passing Cappy Town. If I recall, she said that in this mirror you'll find and see a world of your split personality. Not sure what she meant by that anyway.

Escargoon: Well it does look like I can see a bit of some differentness on myself. My shell looks different colour! More like dark green.

Dedede: Let me see!

Dedede shoves Escargoon out of the way and looks at himself in the mirror. He finds his appearance a bit different as his robes were green instead of red, has a diamond-patterned girdle-like band stretched across his waist in multiple colours and the same on his sleeves. The two big differences was that he was wearing a violet scarf and his hat was green with a yellow or golden rim, two white wings on each side of the hat, a vizier and a bit of the hat was sticking out a long tail  with a yellow star. As Dedede looks at himself he finds it a bit mortifying.

Dedede: Err… am I wearing green or something, or am I losing it from my wine?

Escargoon: Actually, Sire, I doe's look like you are wearing green. Even your hat looks different!

Dedede: Hahahahahaha! Dis thing looks like something from a fun house.

Escargoon: What should we do with it then?

Dedede: Put it on that pillar over there on the right!

As Escargoon was about to put the mirror up, he realized that it had a hook on the back and it needed something to hook on to.

Escargoon: Oops! Need a nail and hammer first. Be right back your majesty.
Dedede: Hmm… guess I'll go check and see if anyone has found something to seal.

As Dedede walks out of the throne room, the mirror was left by its self. Suddenly, a blue light was shinning out of the mirror as a strange creature emerges from within. I was small to start with and it looked like a little ball of dust with tiny red eyes. The creature hops of as it wonders its way around the castle.


Kirby and the two Ebrum children were already back as they made their way to their family's room where they meet up with their parents, Sir Ebrum, Lady and Lola twins Lololo and Lalala were moving out some stuff and putting them in boxes.

Sir Ebrum: Ah! Tiff and Tuff! You're back jest in time to help.

Lady Like: And you brought Kirby over to! How nice of him.

Tiff: Come on guys, let's help out!

Tuff: Sure!

Kirby: Poyo!

As everyone helps out, Tiff watches Kirby helping around the room as he carries some boxes out. Knowing the last two years they first met, Kirby has grown so fast, he was also able to say a few words.

Tuff: Hay, Tiff! You okay?

Tiff: huh? Oh… I'm alright. It's just that it's been two years since Kirby came here and how fast he's grown! After we defeated, Nightmare, things have been peaceful lately.

Tuff: You're telling me. It's been boring lately too.

Tiff: What do you mean?

Tuff: With no more Demon Beast or other monsters, Kirby hasn't had any action nowadays.

Tiff: Well look at the bright side. At least Dedede hasn't tried anything new to kick Kirby out and everyone sees him jest fine now!

Tuff: yah… your right!

Before they could laugh, King Dedede walks in with Escargoon to inspect everything was packed and ready.

Dedede: Sir Ebrum! Have you and your family packed everything you want to seal?

Sir Ebrum: Almost Your, Majesty! Jest three boxes left to pack.

Lady Like: Why in the world would you bother to seal some stuff we don't need anymore?

Dedede: Because so I can get my savings back and rebuild this castle!

Tiff: Well… it's your fault that this castle got crumbled because you kept ordering monsters from Nightmare Enterprises.

Dedede: Oh yah! Well if Kirby haven't come here, none of this would have happened!

Tuff: Hay! It already started before Kirby came here. Remember when you ordered that first Octopus Monster?

This recalls Dedede and Escargoon to remember what happened 2 years ago. A giant Octopus monster known as Octacon attacked the castle and kept stealing sheep from the town. Kirby however, manage to destroy the Demon Beast as Fire Kirby and with the help of his Warp Star.

Escargoon: You know… they do have a point, Sire!

Dedede: Grrrrrrrrrr…. Fine! Get all ya can ready. I'm goanna check on Waddle Doo, and see if the bouts ready.

As the King and Escargoon leave, everyone gets back to packing a few boxes. While looking through a wardrobe, Tiff finds a box of things that she and her brother had when they were very young.

Tiff: Hay! I remember this stuff!

Tuff: What is it?

Lady Like: Why darling! It's your box of memories you and Tiff had use when you were very small.

Sir Ebrum: When you two were growing up, you're mother and I kept those as loving memories.

As they look through the box, Tiff finds a cream-coloured teddy bear with a pink ribbon on the top of its head and Tuff finds a stuffed green-coloured turtle with a blue ribbon tie on the neck.

Tiff: Awwwwwww… I remember this!

Tuff: Yah! It used to be my favourite!

Kirby: Poyo, poyo.

Lady Like: Does this bring back happy time, honey?

Sir Ebrum: It certainly dose, dear!

Everyone: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

                                       *Castle Hallway*

Meanwhile down the castle halls were a lot of Waddle Dees were working and cleaning, Sward Knight and Blade Knight were walking down minding their own business.

Blade: Everyone sure is busy, err?

Sward: You're telling me! Let's be glade we're not sealing our old tools.

Blade: Yah! There part of old memories we'll never forget.

As they talk, the strange dust ball from earlier appears in front of them as it wonders down the east wing of the castle.

Sward and Blade: Huh…?

Sward: What was that?

Blade: Don't know, but we should follow it.

As the two knights give chase, the first place was the castle's kitchen were a few chef Waddle Dees were shocked as the dust ball went into every draw and clubbed. Next it went into the dining hall as it craws all over the tables and sets. After the two knights cached up with it, they find the how kitchen and dining hall were completely clean and shiny. Even the Waddle Dees were amazed. As they continue follow it, the dust ball went upstairs as it heads strait for King Dedede's room and eats all the dust left around. Next it went into Escargoon's bedroom and does the same thing like in the previous places of the castle. Soon Sward and Blade got tired and couldn't keep up with the dust ball as it kept crawling of too fast.

Blade: We can't keep up with that rodent!

Sward: Something fishy is going on here! We should report this to Meta Knight!

Blade: You're right, let's go!

As the two knights went back to report to their leader, the dust ball continues to eat dust around the castles.

                               *Meanwhile, Cappy Town Harbour*

At the Town Harbour, King Dedede and Escargoon arrive near a big bout as a lot of Waddle Dees were all in a big line carrying a lot of the items and tools they were sealing to make more cash. Waddle Doo also walks his way down from the bout to speak to the king.

Waddle Doo: Ah! Your majesty, were almost ready for disembark, sir!

Dedede: Glad to hear it, Waddle Doo!

Escargoon: Jest make sure all and every item were sealing is all gone and sold.

Waddle Doo: Gotcha!

Not far from them, a few of the town's people were watching as they witness what was going on.

Mayor Len: The king sure has a lot of work instead of what we work hard for!

Chief Bookem: Wish we could have got rid of some things we don't want anymore.

Samo: I know, and we don't have enough savings to spear after all the house damage a month ago.

Chef Kawasaki: Maybe we should go over and ask him.

Professor Curio: Good idea!

As the Cappys walk down to meet King Dedede, he then turns his attention to them.

Dedede: What cha Cappys what now?

Mayor Len: Well you're majesty, we were wondering if it's ok to seal our things on your bout as well.

Dedede: Ha! No way, your goanna have to wait next year for another seal.

Gengu: But we can't jest keep all of the old junk that got ruined for very long!

Gus: Yah! And leaving it out in the open has caused us enough trouble already!

Escargoon: They have a point there sir… oath! (Got wacked by Dedede's Hammer)

Dedede: Don't remind me on what happened before, you Shell Goon! Alright fine you can all give me your things to seal.

Cappys: YAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

                              *Castle Dedede, Ebrum Family Room*

As Kirby and his friends finish the last boxes, they were all tired out from all that packing and needed to lie down.

Tiff: Boy! That was hard work.

Tuff: At least we got it all down.

Kirby: Poyo… all down!

Lady Like: hmm… well… there is quite a lot of dust from all those things we took out.

Kirby, Tiff and Tuff: Awwww… (Anime style fall down)

Sir Ebrum: Now don't be so down everyone. After we clean up, we can have lunch!

Tiff and Tuff: YAAAAHHH!!!

Kirby: Poyo! Lunch!

Before anyone could say something, the dust ball from earlier came into their room and started eating of the dust that was on the floor and in the air in fast speed in seconds. Everyone was confused as to what it was as it jest left the room.

Tiff: What was that?

Tuff: Don't Know…?

Lady Like: Well whatever it was, it didn't… OHHHHHHHH!!!!

What Lady Like saw was that the whole room was so shiny and sparked like stars in the sky at night.

Sir Ebrum: My word! Look how shiny this room is!

Lady Like: It only took 8 seconds for it to clear out the dust.

Tuff: But were did that thing come from and how did it do that?

Tiff: Let's follow it and find out. Come on, Kirby!

Kirby: Poyo, Me coming.

                             *Castle Dedede, Meta Knight's Room*
Meanwhile, Sward and Blade were talking to Meta Knight about what they saw as he turns his attention to them.

Meta Knight: Hmm… a strange ball of dust with eyes running around the castle eating dust?

Sward: Yah that's what we saw.

Blade: But it didn't have any hostile to anyone as it was going from one room to another.

Meta Knight: Hmm…
As Meta Knight thought for a second, something jest made him realizes.

Meta Knight: Huh! How much dust has this thing absolved?

Blade: We're not exactly sure?

Sward: The moment we saw it, it came from the direction where the throne room is.

Meta Knight: This is not good! The castle may be in danger. We must find Kirby and the others, before it get worse.

Sward and Blade: Sir!

Kirby, Tiff, Tuff and the Lola Twins continue to pursue the strange dust ball as it makes its way to the basement of the castle and begins to eat more dust. Suddenly, it stops eating as all of a sudden and began to shiver like it was cold.

Tuff: Tiff, what's happening to it?

Tiff: Don't Know? But I something's wrong here!

Jest then, the creature then face to look at the children and gave an evil grin as it looked at Kirby. Suddenly, it began to get bigger as its body was now a big dust cloud and also had a big mouth emerged.

Tiff: Th… This can't be!

Tuff: A Demon Beast!

Kirby: Poyo!

The creature looked menacing at the Ebrum children who gave them fear. However, Kirby wasn't scared as he took a fighting stand ready for action. Suddenly, a few more mini dust cloud emerge from the monster and look like mini copies of itself and begun to attack Kirby and the kids. They manage to avoid getting hit by the dust by jumping out of the way as Tiff finds a few brooms. She picks two of them up and paces on to Tuff as they use them to whack and slam some of the clouds but keep coming back after being hit.

Tuff: Tiff, this isn't working!

Tiff: Quick, Kirby suck up those clouds.

Kirby: Ok!

As Kirby began to use inhale on the dust cloud monster, they all get sucked in like a vacuum cleaner sucking away the dust. Jest then something seemed wrong as Kirby began to cough and cough as tiny bits of dust came out of his mouth. The bits of dust came back together and form back into the mini versions of the monster.

Tiff: Huh? That didn't do a thing!

Tuff: I wonder why?

???: That Demon Beast is known as Haha! It is made out of dust clouds. Kirby can't inhale anything his body can't take!

Seeing who what said was true, Tiff and Tuff looked behind them and see Meta Knight watching from the top of the stares with Sward and Blade by his side.

Tiff: Meta Knight!

Tuff: How can Kirby beat a cloud then?

Meta Knight: The main weakness is the core inside its body. You need to find a way to remove it.

Jest then Haha began to attack Kirby with its Dust Cough attack by covering him in dust and cotton. Tiff looks around for something to help Kirby with. She finds a torch on wall and tacks it to throw to Kirby.

Tiff: Kirby! Inhale this torch!

Kirby began to use inhale as he sucks up the flames from the torch and begins to transform. A green gem suddenly appears in a flash and attaches itself to Kirby's forehead and forms into a crown and catches fire.

Kirby: Fire Kirby!

Tiff: Alright!

Tuff: Yah! Fire Kirby!

As Kirby begins to use his Fire Breath attack on the Mini Hahas, some of them were burned away by the flames while some avoid the attack. Haha then calls all of his minis back into his body and begins to get bigger again. Kirby tried to use his Fire Breath attack on Haha, but every time one bit of him gets burnt, it jest grows back and makes Haha even more bigger. Meta Knight also realized something was going to happen if Kirby doesn't stop his attack.

Meta Knight: No, Kirby! If you make dust in contact with your fire power, it will make that thing even bigger and explode.

Tiff and Tuff: EXPLODE!!!!!

Tiff: Kirby, STOP!

As Tiff called Kirby to stop attack, it was too late and Haha explode into waves of dust that spread all over the castle.

                                *Meanwhile, Cappy Town Harbour*

Meanwhile King Dedede, Escargoon, The Cappys and Waddlekin all herd the exploding sound from the castle as they saw it all covered in dust. Dedede was shocked and worried of what was going on.

Dedede: What was that?!

Escargoon: I don't know, but something is happening.

Dedede: Come on! Let go back and cheek it out!

As Dedede grabs Escargoon by the eyestalks, they hop in his Limousine and dive off back to the castle to find out what was going on.

                                      *Back at the castle*

As Kirby and friends rise from the dust, they see a red orb object floating in mid-air as piles of dust came drawing towards it and form back into Haha.

Tuff: That must have been the core of that thing!

Tiff: But how can we get to it in that dust pile?

As Tiff thought for a sec, she looks at the broom she been using and then it hit her.

Tiff: That's it! Kirby use this broom!

As Kirby looks up and inhales the broom, he began to transform again and suspended his fire ability. A purple and yellow broom appears and hits Kirby until he catches it, swings it around and forms a yellow kerchief with green stars over his head.

Kirby: Clean Kirby!

Tiff: Yah! Now he's Clean Kirby!

Kirby then begins his attack by swinging his broom as waves of magic energy dispose of the dust in the entire room. Haha begins to get angry and attempts to attack Kirby with his Dust Cough which Kirby manages to avoid. Seeing he needs more help, Tiff calls for Kirby's secret weapon.

Tiff: Come, Warp Star!

Deep in the canyon not far from them, Kabu opens his mouth and lets the Warp Star fly its way to help.


10 seconds later, the Warp Star arrives and Kirby hops on ready to fight. Haha then charges at Kirby but miss as the young Warp Star Rider exits the basement into the rest of the castle with Haha giving chase.

Tiff: Kirby…

Tuff: We got to help him somehow!

Meta Knight: Leave that to us. Sward, Blade, let's go!

Sward and Blade: Right!

While riding down the hallway, Kirby use his Clean attack to sweep the dust off of Haha, but with lots more all over the castle, the Demon Beast will keep eating it all as it regenerates. Kirby found this as a problem and decides to fight this thing outside. Meanwhile outside, Dedede and Escargoon made it back only to find the whole castle all covered in dust.

Dedede: Ahhhhhhh! My whole castle is a mess!

Escargoon: After all that hard work I did for my room and lab!

Jest then, Dedede spotted Kirby and Haha flying around the castle towers fighting.

Dedede: Hay look, its Kirby!

Escargoon: And what is that thing chasing him?

While high enough away from the dust infective castle, Kirby jumps of his Warp Star and rides his Broom to Haha. As Kirby jumps of his broom, he uses his Clean attack at full force and sweeps the dust of Haha which reviles his power source. The Warp Star comes back to Kirby as he lands on it and flies higher into the sky. One high enough, Kirby then speeds back down towards Haha like a comet entering the atmosphere and swings his broom on the core with a powerful hit which sends the Demon Beast back down. As it approaches the castle, Meta Knight and his two followers take out their Swards and at the right time, sward slashes the core as it cuts into pieces and explodes. After it was over, Kirby suspended his Clean form back into his normal stat and jumps of the Warp Star as it makes its way back to Kabu. Tiff, Tuff and the Lola Twins also came running up to Kirby for a job well done.

Tiff: (giggle)you did it Kirby!

Tuff: You showed that dirt bag who's boss.

Kirby: Poyo, Kirby always wins!

5 minutes later, all the Waddle Dees were clearing out the dust that was left by Haha. King Dedede and Escargoon looked very down at the whole place seeing it all dirty and dusty.

Dedede: My beautiful castle is a mess again…

Escargoon: All that hard work…

Dedede and Escargoon: Huff…

Then Dedede turns his attention to Kirby as his down look turns to anger.

Dedede: This is your entire fault you puny pink puff face!

Escargoon: Thanks to you, our castle is a mess again.

Kirby: Poyo?

As they yell at Kirby, Tiff and Tuff rush to his side to defend him from the King's rage.

Tiff: Hay! Don't you yell at Kirby like that!

Tuff: Yay! It's not his fault the castle got all… ah… ah… ahhhhhh-chuuuuu… snazzy.

Dedede: Grrrrrrrrrrr… come on let's get to my throne room where it's safer from this dust rubble.

Escargoon: Yes! It's the only place that's not dusty!

As the King and his snail sidekick leave, Kirby and his friends made sings of relief.

Tuff: That went well!

Tiff: But still… where did that Demon Beast came from anyway?

Tuff: hmm…

Kirby: Poyo…

Not far, Meta Knight was listening and he too was also wondering where that Haha came from.

Meta Knight: …

                                     *Castle Throne Room*

As Dedede and Escargoon enter the throne room, they clean themselves of from the dust all over the castle outside. King Dedede walks up to his throne and sits down and thinks of what happened today.

Dedede: This is jest weird. I wonder where that Demon Beast came from the start?

Escargoon: Beats me? I mean Nightmare Enterprises was destroyed a month ago and we didn't order anything today.

Dedede: Well if more monsters show up, we'll catch them and get them to work with us!

Escargoon: Great idea sire! We might be able to kick Kirby out once and for all!

Dedede and Escargoon: HAHAHAHAHAHa…

                                      *Unknown location*

As the King and snail laugh, a blood red eye from inside the mirror Escargoon found today, was watching and listening to the two's conversation. From inside a few beings in the shadows were to talk to one another.

???1: It seems one of our solders has failed to get back! But at least he found the portal the other world.

???2: Very soon we will take that one jest like what we did to ours…

???3: Hahahahahahaha.

???4: …

???1: We will slay anybody and Star Warrior who gets in our way. With Perfect!

As our hero Kirby defeat Haha the Demon Beast, a new evil is about to set it's sits on Dream Land. Can our hero protect his home? Or will this new evil be too powerful for him alone?

Kirby: Until next time. Bye!

                                         End of Episode!
This is a new searies of the Kirby Anime I came up with before I became a member of Deviant Art. It i soposed to be based on Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. This may sound a bit confuseing, but I sort of set it pland on a real relese date. The same date the game came out in japan and how the story starts diffrent. anyhow, enjoy!
ChronoWeapon Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm, pretty interesting concept, keep it up!:)
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