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So to everyone who watches my DA account, I have finally gotten up my new fanfic based on the Super Mario franchise of Paper Mario games, Paper Mario: Fairy Tales. The story is role play style with taking turn battles and puzzle solving as well as having allies join you and collecting items that might come in handy for battles. Also here are some small summery of the chapters in my story. Since the title says Fairy Tales, Mario will be traveling to different worlds based on Fairy Tales inside a Magic Book as he, Peach and many allies that join him to recover the Princess’s Fragments of her body which had been broken up by a mysterious green witch named Calandrella to prevent the Dark Sorceress, Amazilia for using it for an unknown purpose.

Prologue: Beginning of the story made in my own way of ideas to introduce the focused characters. Mario, Luigi and Peach came to Storvile to visit the kindergarten to read a story to the children, but are encountered surprisingly by Draz and his master, Amazilia who tries to take Peach away for an evil purpose until Calandrella arrives and uses a spell to brake Peach’s body into fragments, leaving her noticeable spirit to wonder as she helps her and Mario in exchange to also help save the worlds inside the Magic Story Book.

Partners: Ghost Peach


Chapter 1-Snow-Drop and the Seven Toads: A fairy tale world based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as Mario helps to keep the Princess Snow-Drop safe from the wicked Queen Pomhilde while encountering the seven Toads as one among them named Toady assists Mario on his adventures

Partners: Toady the Toad and Hunta Koopa (At Post Chapter.)


Chapter 2-Shy Guy and the Magic Lamp: A fairy tale world based on Aladdin and the Magic Lamp as Mario helps a Shy Guy named Ail to win the heart of Princess Shyla in hopes of retrieving the Magic Lamp from desert thieves to do so.

Partners: Ail Shy Guy


Chapter 3-The Tiny Mermaid: A fairy tale world based on The Little Mermaid as Mario helps a young mermaid named Petal who is in love with Sketch, a Pianta who loves the sea’s nature and wishes to meet the girl who saved him on the night during a ship wreck.

Partners: Kaboomy the Kab-omb


Chapter 4-The Bamboo Chopper: A fairy tale world based on The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter as Mario helps a kind-hearted rich cat girl named Kiyoko to be married and find piece before the Emperor Kamitu does as he also gets caught in entering a fighting tournament to win the last item they need.

Partners: Son Uku the Ukiki and Nokky Tanooki


Chapter 5-Wack and the Beanstalk: A fairy tale world based on Jack and the Beanstalk as Mario helps a young Wiggler and his poor to gain some money as they come across a salesmen who gives them a magic bean which in the next more grows into a massive beanstalk as Mario and Wack climb it only to find themselves on a new land in the sky ruled by bugs twice their size as well as a big castle said to be owned by a monster.

Partners: Wack the Flutter and Chippy Piranha Plant


Chapter 6-The Last Unihorn: A fairy tale world based on The Last Unicorn as Mario helps a Shaman named Saidrick to help a Unicorn reach the Nightlight Sea as Bowser sets his sights on capturing the Unicorn with the help of the Flare Bison he has captured to be used at his command.

Partners: Saidrick Shaman.


Chapter 7-The Frost Queen: A fairy tale world based on The Snow Queen as Mario and friends help a girl named Molly to find her lost older brother who has been taken by the Frost Queen, Lucina in hopes of having him fix the Ice Mirror.

Partners: No new Partners in this Chapter


Chapter 8 (To Be Announced)

Partners:  No new Partners in this Chapter


Oh and one more thing I must explain to everyone. Since this is a role playing based story, I might need help with the settings such as puzzle solving events and character naming if things need to be improved just in case. Let me know of a suggestion and I will fix what is chosen. Oh and to does 2 waiting for their Art Trades, still on tabs with that so don't worry, they will come. Enjoy y'all!

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