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                                   All characters are copyright of S.E.G.A and Sonic Team

                                                                        Sonic X: Season 4

                                                                              Heroes Saga

                                                                         By Gold-Ring-951


                                                                        *Station Square, Sophmore High*

It was just after 4.30 in the afternoon in Station Square while at Sophmore High and Collage as many students were making their leave as they walk out of the gateway. Sireena and her group of 3 friends were also making their leave as well while walking alongside together.

Mai: I gotta say, today was the most oddest, but hilarious day ever. Can’t believe Dodger took it back in the face with his own dodgeball.

Jerry: It serves him right for trying to make everyone and ourselves look bad to the whole school for thinking we’re the thieves.

Thomas: Speaking of which… (He then turns to Sireena.) You figured anything out yet on the food thief, Sireena?

Sireena: Well I’ve been trying to, but this is kind of weird though! A monkey stealing food? If that was the case then it should off been reported that an animal escaped from the zoo.

Mai: It might even be someone’s pet who doing those things. I’ll put my food down onto its head if it ever comes near me to take away my food!

Jerry: Mai, that sounds like animal cruelty!

Thomas: I don’t know, to me it looked more robotic like that toy mouse we found until it got taken by it.

Chris: Hay, Sireena! Over here!

Sireena and her friends looked ahead to find that Chris was waiting by the collage gates as he waves over to her.

Sireena: Well I have to get going. See you guys tomorrow!

Mai: Oh Sireena! Don’t forget about tonight. (Sireena turns her head to Mai and gives a wink before turning back the other way as she runs over to Chris.)

Thomas: What’s happening tonight? (Mai and Jerry only gave a giggle while looking at each other with their eyes closed while Thomas was left out confused.)

Sireena: Hay Chris, you ready to go?

Chris: If you are! (They then get prepared as Chris gets onto his bike while Sireena puts on her roller-skating gear as they then move on down the path leading back to home.) Oh yeah, I saw what was going on today on the field. You really gave Dodger a ball of pain today after saving that kid!

Sireena: Of course I did! That guy who thinks he’s the so-called School Disciplinary is nothing but a bully to everyone just because he’s the captain of our school’s rough dodgeball team. Not to mention his sidekicks are also complete jerks thinking I’m a food thief!

Chris: Yeah, that stuffs about food being stolen has really been happening lately. Even at collage our lunches go missing! I think that monkey that appeared may be the same one who also did it.

Sireena: Well… the only way we’re gonna find out, is if someone catches it.

Chris: Strangely though, something about that monkey and the way it looks is kinda familiar. (As he and Sireena continue on home, the sky shows that the sun was nearly setting.)

                                                       Episode 83: Teams’ Duke Out in the Power Plant Zone!!!


                                                                      *Grand Metropolis, Power Plant*

Back at Grand Metropolis where the tall HEXAeco Company building known as the Power Plant Zone, Team Sonic had climbed their way up halfway as they come to one of the windows built onto the building.

Knuckles: Maybe we should make our way in now!

Tails: I agree with you there.

Sonic: Maybe there looks like a good spot! (He points to what looks like a hall inside the building.)

With Tails’ help Sonic is thrown towards the window as he then uses his Spin Attack to break through the glass as he lands in the hallway safely just as Tails and Knuckles also manage to make their way in.

Sonic: Well that’s one way to make an entrance! So where should we start looking for Eggman?

Tails: We’ll need to know more about this place before we start looking around randomly. There should be a computer room where it might show us a way around inside.

Just as Sonic and Tails were discussing on their next motive, Knuckles then felt something through him as the image of a blue gemstone came into his mind as this surprises him with a gasp.

Sonic: What is it, Knuckles?

Knuckles: (He walks forward three steps away.) I can scene there’s a Chaos Emerald nearby! (This also surprises Sonic and Tails.)

Tails: Really? (He then checks the Comlink on his wrist as the digital blank-green map shows where the energy source was located and how far they were from it.) He’s right! Even the Comlink is showing signals of one!

Sonic: We should go find it then! It might come in handy if we’re going to stop Eggman and his new weapon he’ll use.

Knuckles: Let’s go!

As the team begin to make their look-around in the Power Plant, they were about to come across a split in hallway leading in two different directions to the left or right. Suddenly from out of left corner, a group of Egg Flappers suddenly show as Team Sonic was stopped by surprised.

Tails: Eggman’s Mechs!

Sonic: Guess that means he’s here!

The Fallers then proceed to attack Team Sonic as the heroes move out of ones way as they then take on the others with Sonic coming at one with a hard kick which sends in crashing up the celling while Knuckles ducks under one and grabs it as he then does a Suplex attack by bashing it down on another Flapper which was green colour. Tails was also able to help by using Thunder Shoot with his teammates to bring a few Flappers down just as they are then taken out by each of their Homing Attacks. The sound of the explosions of defeated robots triggers the alarm as Team Sonic became aware of what might come to them.

Tails: Sonic, we can’t stay here!

Sonic: Yeah! More robots will keep coming unless we keep moving. We do that the less battle we avoid! (He then turns to Knuckles.) Knuckles, can you pick up the scent of the Emerald?

Knuckles: Yeah! My guesses it’s that way ahead on the right!

Sonic: Let’s move then! (He then rushes onwards by taking the corner turning on the right as Tails and Knuckles follow.)

                                                                           *Team Chaotix*

Somewhere else in the Power Plant, something behind steel barriers blocking the main entrance was trying to make its way through as it made big dents until a hand punches its way through. Another hand also comes in as it and the other then push aside the steel barrier open wide in a tear. The one doing this was Vector as he and his teammates finally made it to the Power Plant as they enter to find the alarm already making the alerting siren.

Vector: Well here we are! Did we suddenly set off the alarm?

Espio: I’d already heard it go off just before we entered.

Charmy: So what do we do now, Vector?

Before they could as, the walky-talky rings again as Vector takes it out to answer it.

Client: Have you manage to stop the robots in the city?

Vector: Well we did manage to find that their trail had led all the way to the Power Plant. We’ll continue to destroy the rest while we’re at it.

Client: Actually, I have a new assailment for you three.

Espio: What’s the change of plan?

Client: In this factory there are 3 gold turtle robots. Those turtles are the ones controlling the system of the city itself. Find and destroy the three of them. They’re located in different parts of the Plant so make your way from the closest to the farthest.

Vector: We’re on it! (He then hangs up on the walky.) Gold Turtles…

Charmy: They sound worth a fortune!

Espio: Ether way, they must be destroyed! (He walks past his teammates.)

Charmy: THEN LET’S DO IT!!! (He is then grabbed by Vector’s hand.)

Vector: Quiet Charmy! You’ll cause unwanted attention if you yell like that!

                                                                              *Team Dark*

Meanwhile inside the Plant which appears to be an area outside with pathways built high up, Team Dark had already entered the facility thanks to Shadow’s use of Chaos Control as they has already begun an attack on many of Eggman’s robots who have taken over the place. Shadow first attacks three Flappers by using Homing Attack on each of them as he then uses Spin Dash to speed pass and destroy more in his way. Rouge was also able to bring a few down with her Kick Attacks as they fall and blow up. As one red Egg Flapper was about to charge towards her, she notices and turns as she then gives the robot a surprise attack by  summons a bat-shaped balloon that was white resembles herself a little with dotted eyes. Once the Flapper made contact by touching the balloon, it pops with an expulsion which also destroys the robot.

Rouge: Well… It would seem my Bat Crackers really work!

Meanwhile, Omega also fights off some of the Egg Pawn and Flappers on the path as he uses his metal claws and fists to slash and smash them as well as using his Flamethrower to push them back as well as burn them as a few Prawns begun to run around in panic while on fire as some accidently fall off the edge of the path into the bottomless pit below. The rest of team come together for a few seconds to take their time.

Shadow: This place is full of the Doctor’s robots!

Rouge: He’s got to be around here somewhere. My guesses for the best place to head for is the main control room. That’s where he’s got to be hiding!


Shadow: Speaking of which… (He then notices a few Egg Prawns and Camerons coming towards them.)

Shadow then uses Chaos Spear on the horde of foes heading their way as they are then blown up by the blast. As the smoke clears a little, something was making a faint yellow glow in the remains of the robots as Shadow takes notice and so does his teammates as they walk over to see what it was. Once they were close enough, they find that the object was a glowing yellow orb of some kind.

Shadow: What is that thing?

Rouge: I don’t know!


Rouge: Really? (She then reaches out and touches it.)

After Rouge touched the object, it suddenly moved and shot into her much to her surprise as it was gone and out of sight.

Shadow: You okay, Rouge?

Rouge: What then… It just suddenly went inside me! Whoa! For some reason I… feel full of energy.

Shadow: Wonder what it is and why those robots had it?

                                                                              *Team Rose*

Back outside the Power Plant, Amy and her teammates had manage to make their way over with Cream’s ability to fly as they could already hear the alarms going off from inside the building.

Big: What’s all that noise?

Cream: What do you think, Amy?

Amy: Sounds like an alarm! We better get in there and find Sonic, fast! (She then takes out her Hammer as she then swings it into a wall which breaks it down to make an entrance inside.) Let’s go! (She and her teammates then make their way in.)

As they take a left turn in the hallway, they are then encountered by red and green Flappers who then attack them.

Cream: There are robots here you guys!

Cheese: Chao-Chao!

Amy: There won’t much longer.

Amy then gets her Hammer out as she whacks away the robots in her path. Big also helps out as he uses his Fishing Rod and Lure to catch hold of a Flapper and then swirls it around in the air as it is knocked into another Flapper. For Cream and Cheese, they both attack a few more Flappers while flying as they stomp and tackle into them as the young rabbit also defeats one more with Hip Drop.

                                                                           *Team Chaotix*

Back with the Chaotix, they soon come to area in the halls of the Power Plant where more robots were guarding as they proceed to attack them. Vector attacks a few Camerons with his booming voice by roaring to create a concentrated, directed burst of soundwaves streamed of several musical notes as it was so load that the robots exploded. One Egg Pawn was then firing a bazooka at Espio who was running up to it fast with one of his knifes in hand as he then dash past it just as it stop firing and is by the blink of an eye cut in half just as it blows up. After the robots where destroyed, red devices just like the ones they and the other teams found blocking the blue energy moving roads suddenly blow up as well as square shaped machine pillars filled with orange energy inside raised up as well as a blue path leading upwards had suddenly activated on a section above.

Espio: So, those robots are using those strange machines to keep parts of this place in check. I bet they used to go to places you could not reach without.

Vector: Maybe it’s best to try up there!

Charmy: Let’s go check it then.

As the Chaotix use the pillars to get to the next section at the top, they then use the activated blue moving path which lifts them off the ground and up to another part of the hall where four more Egg Flappers were guarding what appears to be a mechanical cage with golden bars that was keeping something inside.

Espio: More company!

Vector: Then let’s take’em out!

As then head on straight down, Vector and Espio attack the four Egg Flappers until there was nothing left of them just as they then take their time to look at the strange looking cage.

Vector: Wonder what’s inside this thing?

Espio: I’ll have a look! (As he peeps through, he then sees what it was inside as it looked like one of the Cameron Badniks but with its shell made of gold.) Hay, I think we found one of the gold turtles!

Vector: Really? Let me see! (He then peeps through and sees what Espio has saw.) You are absolutely right Espio! Now the question is how can we destroy it while it’s in there?

Espio: This cadge must have been made to prevent it from being harmed. There must be an off button somewhere for this!

While Vector and Espio try to think of how they could reach the Gold Cameron, Charmy was taking a look-around of the area just as he then comes across what looks like a colourful ball with a star symbol in the centre floating over a red metallic plate on the floor.

Charmy: Aw cool! They have a toy here. (He then gives it a touch as it moves and suddenly started to glow.)

After Charmy touched the ball, the cadge containing the Gold Cameron opens up by surprise as Vector and Espio then turn their attention to Charmy on what he did to do that.

Vector: CHARMY!!!

Charmy: What…?

Just then, Espio turns his attention back to the Gold Cameron who had already taken notice of the team as it begun to fire up its weapon.

Espio: Vector, watch out!!!

As the Gold Cameron fires its weapon, Espio and Vector manage to get out of the way just in time as they then get ready to fight it.

Vector: How about I open your shell, turtle! (He then jumps up and uses Hammer Down by slamming his fists together down on the Gold Cameron, but did not make a dent.) How about this? (He then uses Vector Breath by breathing fire to burn the robot, but still had no effect as it shows that the robot was using its golden shell to tuck into for protection.) My attacks did nothing!

Espio: Let me try! (As Espio turns invisible, he then rushes towards the Gold Cameron and jumps up to place himself overhead it.)

As Espio was in the air, he then performs a new trick by body flipping with his hands folded in front of his face to reappear just as a swirling cyclonic vortex of air filled with transparent leafs is formed. This wind was then able to lift the Gold Cameron up into the as at the right moment, Espio throws 3 Shuriken Stars which make a impel hit into the robots underbelly just a 3 seconds then pass with the creating an explosion which destroys the robot.

Espio: (He then lands safely.) One down, two to go!

Charmy: Hay what’s that?

Something Charmy spots falls from the air slowly where the Gold Cameron was destroyed. It was a red glowing orb as Espio picks it up to take a look at.

Espio: Now I’m asking the same question.

Vector: Well, we should keep going to find the rest of those gold turtles. (He walks pass his team to walk onwards just as soon as they begin to follow him.)

                                                                             *Team Sonic*

Back with Sonic and his teammates, they run through the corridors of the Plant as they also take out more robots in their path by Skidding and Spin Jumping to attack them while also being able to dodge their attacks.

Sonic: How close are we, Tails?

Tails: We seem to be right where it’s located, but I don’t see anywhere in the hall it could be at!

Knuckles: Sonic, to your right, look!

Sonic: (He looks to the rights as he notices another route in the hallway.) Let’s take that way!

As the group take a turn on the right, they find that there was a slide-opening machine door as it opens up just as they enter another hallway with windows built on the left side of the wall just as the doors behind them close.

Knuckles: That’s one short cut we can take anytime here.

Tails: (He then turns his attention to look outside of the windows.) Whoa! Check this out!

As Sonic and Knuckles also take a look out the windows, they find that outside the hallway they were in was a working factory where it shows that deactivated Egg Prawns were standing on a moving conveyor belt.

Tails: This must be one of the factories of this Plant.

Knuckles: Hay wait a minute! Look up there on the big machine.

What Knuckles was looking at as his teammates also took notice of was a red metal cone plate-like machine built onto the celling. Hooked up to the machine in a glass container though was a blue gemstone that was glowing which turns out to be the Blue Chaos Emerald Tails’ Comlink was picking up on.

Tails: There’s the Emerald. It’s hooked up onto that machine.

Sonic: Hay, look what it’s doing!

What the team then saw that the glass tube the emerald was in had two glass pipes from each side that contained the orange energy as a lot of it was poured into the tube just as it was then full enough with each pipe then being closed off as something else then happened. The machine then made the Chaos Emerald gave off some electrical energy that spreads into the orange liquid which then in seconds forms into six glowing orbs of three different colours which a blue, yellow and red just as they are then dropped into a bowl full of more. Robotic arms were then picking up the orbs and placed them into the Egg Pawns on the conveyor belt which are then suddenly activated once they are taken away elsewhere.

Sonic: This Is Eggman’s doing!

Knuckles: He’s using the emerald to create something with all that orange energy to give to his robots! Whatever that stuff is that’s being given to the robots, it might be something he’s is planning.

Tails: We gotta get that Emerald. It might even stop the factory making that strange stuff for the robots.

Sonic: Right!

                                                                              *Team Rose*

Back with Team Rose, they soon came to another hallway where it had many of the slide opening doors one both sides of the walls that were looked tight and were guarded by more robots.

Cream: There are so many bad robots!

Big: Wow… You’re right!

Amy: We can take them.

The team started to attack the robots as Big jumps up and uses Body Slam to crush a few Egg Prawns under his belly before he then uses the attack to bounce up to avoid two more Prawns that were about gang up on him with lasers who were then taken care off by Amy who used her Hammer Slam and Cream who had Cheese tackled into the other. Amy then performs her Tornado Hammer which has the pink cyclone suck in the robots before throwing them aside into the walls so hard they explode. Big then attacks again by using Big Fishing after he lands and begins to run ahead while swinging his rod as the rest of the Flappers were then knocked aside by the big fishing lure. After that, there were no robots left in the hallway as all was clear except that faint voices could suddenly be heard.

Big: Do you hear that?

Amy: Yeah! I can hear those sounds as well.

Cream: (She then looks around at the doors on all sides.) I think it’s coming from behind those doors.

Amy: Let’s see who’s behind them.

As the group walk over to one of the doors, they find that each door has a lather switch just like the one Big found back in the high streets of the city as he takes the pleasure in pulling out the switch as the door then activates and opens up quickly. To the team’s surprise, they find behind the door a couple of Humans and Mobians dressed in worker cloths and science lab coats each.

Amy: No way!

Cream: They must have been locked in here by the robots!

Big: Hmm… Still no Froggy!

Amy: We better check and see if there are more behind the rest of the doors. C’mon!

Team Rose then spread out as they get the other doors open to free any Power Plant worker trapped inside just as they then finish opening the last one.

Human Worker#1: Wow! I’m glad to finally be out of there.

Mobian Worker#1: I was afraid we all be trapped in there forever!

Mobian Worker#2: Thank you so much for freeing us.

Cream: Oh you’re very welcome! (She gives a kind bow for gratitude.)

Amy: We were just passing through, but we’re happy to help you all. Did Eggman lock you all up in those rooms?

???: He did! He’s stealing our company’s energy supply we work on to keep our city in good care. (The person who comes walking up to the team was a dark-imperial blue Mobian Baboon with a white moustache, black eyes that had white eye dots and had hands and a long mouth that were lime-green colour while in between the bottom centre of his was coloured piled dark-blue. He was also wearing what looked like a black business suit with a white undershirt showing underneath and a green tie around the collar while the last thing he was wearing were smart dark-brown shoes.) My name is Walter Banana; 3rd President of HEXAeco. I must thank you three for coming this way to saving us.

Amy: Actually we looking for Sonic! We saw him come into the place, but lost sight of him.

Walter: Sonic? You mean Sonic the Hedgehog!? Are you friends of his? In that case, you’ll need to find him quick and give him the Chaos Emerald that is in our factory.

Amy: There’s a Chaos Emerald here?

Walter: Yes! One of my workman found it a few days ago. It was full of pure energy we thought it would help make the energy fuel we create for city greater and long lasting. Unfortunately, Dr. Eggman invaded our company and imprisoned us. I don’t know what he plans to use our energy for, but he’s having his robots take it all away to someplace. (After he explains his short story, Team Rose looked at each other in thought before turning back to him.)

Amy: So whereabouts is the emerald?

Walter: Here! (He then gives them what looks like a map with a bird’s eye view of the building.) This map shows the inside of the building. You three are on the 23rd level. The emerald is located in the factory on the 25th. Use our elevators to reach it.

Amy: Thanks. We’ll also take care of the robots running around this place. Let’s go team.

Cream: Coming Amy! (She and Big then follow Amy who rushes off as Walter and the company workers watch them run off and wish them luck.

                                                                             *Eyecatch 1*

Name: Gold Cameron

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Time of Creation: Unknown

                                                                             *Eyecatch 2*

Name: Walter Banana

Height: 110 cm (4 ft. 7 in)

Weight: 38 kg

Age: 42

                                                                           *Team Chaotix*

Back with the Chaotix, they had already located another Gold Cameron that was in the care of many Egg Flappers and normal Camerons as the three heroes fight them off with Charmy and Espio taking out some Flappers with their Sting and Shuriken Attacks while Vector punches the Camerons out of his way just as he then does a forward Spin Attack by Spin Dashing into the Gold Cameron’s head which is destroyed before the rest of the body is then lifted up by him as he then throws it away with it falling down the bottomless pit below.

Vector: Now just one more to find!

Espio: The last one must be at the far end of the Power Plant. (He then takes out the object he picked up from the last Gold Cameron he and his team destroyed as he takes another look at it.) Question still remains as why was one of them holding this thing in its possession?

Vector: You got me there, but whatever it is, it must be- (He reaches out his hand to take the orb from Espio, but when he touched it, the orb suddenly went into him as it disappeared much to his shockingly surprise.

Charmy: Hay! Where did the pretty orb go?

Espio: You okay, Vector!

Vector: I feel fine, but for some reason it also feels as if my mussels have bulked up.

Not far from where the Chaotix were standing on the top of a wide green hexagon shape structure, someone on another structure was watching them as his shoe was shown and soon to be reviled that it was Shadow who had shown up with his team by his side.

Shadow: I know those guys! They’re called the Chaotix!

Rouge: What do ya think they’re doing here anyway?


Shadow: Maybe we can find some information on them about the Doctor.

Just then, Charmy turns his head to one side while looking around as he could then see the sights of Team Dark before his own eyes as he then informs his teammates.

Charmy: Hay you guys! Look who’s up there.

Vector: Hay I know that girl with the wings! It’s Rouge.

Rouge: Uh-oh! Looks like we’ve already been spotted.

Shadow: Long time no see, Chaotix!

Espio: That face…! You’re Shadow!!!

Shadow: So you still remember me from back then when you three bought me along to save the Doctor from Metarex! (He and his team then make a big long jump as they land over to where the Chaotix were.)

Espio: Yes… We remember that. Last time we saw you was when you saved us all with Chaos Control. Anyhow, what are you doing here anyway with one of Eggman’s robots there? (He points to Omega.)

Shadow: The question we like to ask is why you guys are attacking the Doctor’s robots.

Vector: It’s just our job that our new client has given us to do for a reward.

Rouge: Reward you say…?


Shadow: If you three are after the Doctor, I’m afraid I can’t let you do that! So stand aside and let us get to him first!

Charmy: SO he is still in cahoots with Eggman!

Vector: Then it’s no wonder why that robot is with them. Let’s teach them not to mess with our work.

Espio: Wait Vector, hold on!!!

Rouge: Sorry boys, but like what Shadow says… we can’t let you near Eggman.


With one huge misunderstand encounter, both Team Dark and Chaotix were preparing for battle as they both all take poses before they then rush towards each other.



The battle starts in one big clash as all teams then attack each other. Omega lands and turns around to face the direction he came from as he fires his machine gun at the Chaotix members as they avoid the attack and spread out as Espio throws three of his Shuriken Stars at Omega who notices them coming as he stops firing and blocks the attack with his arm. Shadow then reappears behind Espio and proceeds to kick him as the Chameleon notices the attack just in time by block the attack with a kick of his own as the two then attack with more kicks as well as punches that collide with each other until Shadow was able to catch him off guard by sweeping Espio off his feet and attacks with a forward punch that sends him flying. Up in the air, Charmy and Rouge go into a battle in the air as they both attack with their flying-in kick and sting attack a few times before the last two strikes backs them off from one another. Charmy attempts to attack Rouge by charging towards her, but the bat girl flies over him and then makes a kick strike on the top of his back which knocks him down. Just then, Rouge was attacked by Vector’s loud roaring voice of Vector Breath as this made her cover her sensitive ears; knowing that loud sounds were a bat’s weakness. Vector then jumps up towards Rouge and uses Hammer Down to slam her down to the floor just until he was then knocked back further by Omega who comes in flying by tackling into him. As Vector falls and lands while feeling dazed, Omega then fires his Missiles at the Crocodile, but are then sliced up in a flash by Espio who used his knife. Just as Shadow was coming with an Aerial Kick attack, Espio vanishes as the back hedgehog wonders where he went until he then felt attacks happening on him just as Espio reappears after using his invisibility powers as he then kicks Shadow back away hard. As Shadow gets up, he then suddenly charges up with red aura again like he did last time back at Hidden Base Zone.

                                                                             *Team Sonic*

Back with Team Sonic, Knuckles then punches through the glass window built on the hanging hallway outside the factory as the rest of the team then jump their way into the scene and start attacking the robot guards as Sonic takes on of his Power Rings and uses his Spin Attack to take out many of the Flappers while Knuckles punches down on a Cameron just as Tails then throws in more Dummy Rings on some Egg Pawns as well as the controls of the factory as things begin to malfunction a little. The team then regroups as they look at their surroundings.

Sonic: Well it seems the guards are now gone.

Knuckles: Now for the Emerald.

Tails: Maybe there’s some controls for that machine it’s hooked onto. (As he rushes over to find the machine controls, he then finds one that looks as though as it was connected to the hanging glass tube the emerald was in as he prepares to decipher the code for it.)

After it was done, the machine stops pouring in the liquid as the glass tube container opens up just as a robotic hand takes the emerald from within it and moves down as Tails flies up and takes it from the hand just as Sonic and Knuckles came over to see.

Sonic: Great job there buddy!

Tails: Lucky for us three to find an emerald here!

Knuckles: Maybe we might find more Chaos Emeralds on our way to Eggman. (His teammates then nod in agreement.)

Just then suddenly, one of the doors at the back bursts open as this attracts Team Sonic’s attention.

Sonic: What was that!?

From out of the dust cloud the impact made, it was Amy and her team who had just shown up unexpectedly to Team Sonic as they were very surprised to of finally found them.

Cream: Amy look!

Cheese: Chao-Chao!!!

Amy: Sonic!!!

Sonic: Amy!? What are you doing???

Amy: Anywhere you go, I follow. Now how about quitting the game here and come home with me?

Sonic: Huh? What?

Tails: Sorry Amy, but we're in a hurry so we’ll have to come back soon. Okay?

Amy: Oh come on! Even after all that trouble you guys did so we could find you?

Knuckles: What are you talking about?

Cream: Sonic, isn't Chocola with you?

Big: And where's Froggy?

Sonic: What are you guys talking about?

Amy: C’mon, don't play dumb with us. Take a look at this if you can remember why! She takes out the photo of Sonic with Chocola and Froggy Omochao gave her back then as she shows it out to Sonic who comes by to take a close look as his teammates do the same.

Tails: Sonic, do you know what Amy is talking about?

Sonic: I don’t know! Nor do I remember having these two little guys with me.

Tails: (He looks at Amy.) We’ve been with Sonic, but he never had a Chao or a Frog when we found him in the Badlands.

Amy: But this photo shows him having them. Someone we ran into on the way took this photo of you and saw that you had Cream and Big’s missing friends.

Sonic: As much as I have to say, I don’t remember having them. Anyhow we have to go, it’s not safe from here on if you come with us with Eggman and his bots stopping.

Amy: But we just caught up with you!!!

Tails: C’mon Amy, its best that you, Cream and Big go back home while we go after Eggman and stop him.

Knuckles: Yeah because we’re in a bit of rush so why not go home and play some toys or something. (His worlds then got both Sonic and Tails giving off shocked and feared looks.)


Sonic: Um Amy… I think its best we talk this over peacefully here!

Amy: Enough talk Sonic! Now hand over Froggy and Chocola or else.

Sonic: Or else what?

Amy: You’ll have to marry me!

Sonic: Margie!? NO WAY!!!

Amy: All right then! (She takes out her Hammer and slams it down towards Sonic who jumps back.)

Sonic: Amy wait! Put down that hammer!!! (She did not listen as she tried to hit Sonic with her hammer as he jumps back further.)

Knuckles: Knock it off you brat! (He then punches the hammer out of Amy’s hand as it lands to where Cream and Big were as they got out of the way.

Tails: Stop it! Can’t we just explain that we don’t have-

Amy: Can it Tails! (She then summons her hammer back as she then tries to slam on Tails who gets out of the way.)

Tails: What a stubborn lady she is! (He regroups with Sonic and Knuckles.)

Sonic: That’s it. I guess we’ll just have to stop by force to make her listen.

Big: the red guy almost hit Amy! No one should try to hit a girl. It’s not nice.

Cream: I don’t want to do this, but I guess I have to if we want to get Chocola back.

Team Sonic and Rose then regroup as they all then prepare to battle one another as they take their fighting poses and then charge towards each other.



As the battle starts, each team member picks their opponent to battle with as Sonic and Amy collide with their Air Kick and Hammer Swing attack before breaking away as they land. As Sonic uses Spin Dash, Amy hits him back with her hammer which sends him back further as he stops spinning as he notices Amy coming at him with more Hammer Swings and Whacks to witch he avoids by moving back away before he then at the right moment uses an upper kick attack to knock the hammer out of her hand. He then quickly gets behind her and restrains her by the elbows.

Amy: Hay! Let me go, Sonic!

Sonic: Only if you charm down and tell me what make you think I’ve kidnap Froggy or some Chao. You guys got against something else that’s for sure.

Up in the air, cream then throws Cheese towards Tails who does his best to avoid getting hit.

Tails: Cream, what are you doing?

Cream: I’m sorry to attack you Tails, but I think Amy is right.

With Knuckles, he was facing off with Big who then tries to use his Fishing Rod by casting his lure to catch him, but the red echidna equips his Shovel Claws quickly and punches into the ground which makes a big hole as he dives into it just as Big’s attack misses him and then wonders where he went. Just then, Knuckles comes out from under Big’s feet as he then uses an Uppercut to knock the big cat into the air. Suddenly after landing, Knuckles was hit behind by a Peko-Peko Hammer that Amy had manage to get back in her hand as she then manages to shake Sonic off of her and then attacks him with her weapon again as the hedgehog does his best to fight back by using his kicking attacks to block the hammer swings. As he takes a step back from a Hammer Slam, he then gabs her hammer and begins to tornado spin which shakes Amy off as she was sent flying until Cream catches her. The two girls then perform a new move called Spinning Cyclone as then both begun to tornado-fashion spin in the air while Amy held out another Peko-Peko Hammer she summons as they head for Sonic who was also coming at them with Spin Dash just as they all collide and felt the strong force that made them dazed as they fall. As they land hard, Sonic was trying to get up from the impact he felt, but was then hit hard by Amy’s Hammer as he was sent flying into the walls at the back which lead into a wide open room while showing at the back of it could lead to somewhere else in the plant just as Sonic gets up and notices. The rest of his team come to him to regroup as they help him up just as Amy’s Team was making their way to them.

Tails: What do we do, Sonic?

Sonic: (He then looks over to someplace that was open ahead.) Let’s head into there!

Sonic and his team then rush into another room that was filled with reddish-orange light as they land on a big hexagon shape platform floating in mid-air that was red and blue. Team Rose also followed them in as they land on the platform to confront Team Sonic.

Amy: Give up Sonic, we got you now.

Sonic: Amy, knock it off! We don’t have time for this.

Suddenly, the entrance they came into this room was then sealed shut as a metal door closes on them just as Cream heard and took notice.

Cream: Amy, look! The door just closed.

Amy: Oh no! We’re trapped in here.

Tails: (He then looks down below the platform just as he then gave a shock.) Guys! Look down there!

Below the two groups was a big pool of the orange energy that the Power Plant makes as it also was giving off heat and steam.

Knuckles: What is that?

Tails: That’s the same energy stuff we keep seeing in this city. If there’s a lot of it here, that means we must be some kind of storage tank.

Sonic: Um Tails, I think to me that stuff is rising! (He notices that the liquid looks as though as it was moving up as it was so.)

Tails: It’s heading for us quickly.

Knuckles: You just had to have us run into one place without thinking it was dangerous first, didn’t you, Sonic?

Sonic: It was all I could find to get away from them.

Cream: You guys, we got to get out of here!

Cheese: Chao!!!

Big: It sure feels as though it’s getting hot!

Amy: Err… Um… Hay, maybe those big steps there could lead the way out. (She then begins to run as she jumps her way over to what looks like parts to stand on inside the tank as her teammates follow her.

Sonic: Let’s get out of here too! (His teammates then gave him a nod as they also head for the footholds Team Rose was using.

                                                                  *Team Dark and Chaotix*

Back with the battle between Team Dark and Chaotix, their fight was then turned into running battle as Shadow and Espio both attack each other with Spin Attack a few times. Behind them, Omega follows as he then tries to use his Flamethrower on Espio until Charmy comes flying to try and uses his stinger on the robot as it makes a jab hit. Suddenly though, his stinger became stuck in Omega’s back as he tries to free himself until Rouge flies in and gets in front just as she then uses her Bat Cracker which Charmy touches as it explodes and sends him flying until Vector comes jumping up to save him. Charmy then turns into a Spin ball as Vector places him in his mouth as he drives down towards where Rouge and Omega were running as he then fires Charmy at them which makes a direct hit. As Rouge rolls over, Vector then jumps at her and begins to try and beat her up just as the bat girl does the same which creates a dust cloud as they kept on going forward. Just then, the two burst through a wall into another room as they land and come out of their fighting dust cloud. Vector then gets up slowly as he looks around to see where he was until something on his left in the far side of the room caught his eyes. It was another Gold Cameron that was hooked up near some controls while two lighten-green Flappers where keeping it guarded.

Vector: Hay! It’s the last gold turtle- (Suddenly, Espio is knocked into him just as Shadow reappears and charges up his red aura again which was beginning to look hot just as Charmy then tackles into him.)

Espio: I have just about had enough of this!

Shadow: (He gets up.) Same here! Time to end this! (He then jump into the air as the red aura suddenly begins to reacted just as Espio then suddenly felt his instincts that something was about to happen.)

Vector: What the…?

Espio: Charmy quick! Get us in the air!

Rouge: Omega!!!

Omega: RORGER!!! (As Rouge gets behind him, he puts up his shield generator.)

Shadow: CHAOS… BLAST!!! (His body then unleashes a force of red explosive energy that spreads the entire room; even the Gold Cameron and the Flappers get caught in the blast of light.)

For the Chaotix, they were able to find a another area at the top of room on the side which lead to some what appears to be another set of controls that were placed here.

Vector: That was close!

Espio: Too close if you ask me. What strong power he has!

Charmy: That sure was scary.

Client: (Beep, Beep.) Vector, what’s going on? Have you manage to destroy that last Gold Turtle.

Vector: Well…

                                                                    *Team Sonic and Rose*

Back with Team Sonic and Rose, they were using the foot holds inside the energy storage tank to make their way up as they also then suddenly ran into more of Eggman’s robots who were in their way as they fight them off with Sonic using his Spin Attack, Amy with her Tornado Hammer, Tails with his Arm Cannon, Cream and Cheese using Chao Missile, Knuckles using his Punch attacks and Big swinging a burning orange and white lifebuoy.

Cream: Amy, are we going to make it out of here?

Amy: I hope so, because this is not my day!

Suddenly, the foothold Team Rose where on suddenly begins to shake as they then hurry over to the next one just as Cream and Big get to it, but Amy could not in time as the foothold crumbles as she falls and screams until someone grabs hold of her hand as she opens her eyes to see that it was Sonic that saved her while he was being hold on by Tails while hovering.

Sonic: Need a hand?

Amy: Sonic!?

After Knuckles destroys the last robot in the way, he then sees another floating platform like the first one below them, but had a Red Spring in the centre.

Knuckles: Sonic, that spring might be our ticket out of here!

Sonic: Then let’s jump up!

As Knuckles jumps over to the platform he then jumps onto the spring as it then gave him a boost into the air through a small gap until he then finds himself in another room with glass windows built up on the sides that shows a view of the city outside. The others then also make their way out of the tank as they all then fall to their legs and take a breather.

Amy: Sonic, you saved me! But why?

Sonic: What? I thought you always liked being saved by me!

Amy: (She gave a smile after hearing what Sonic said until she then remembers as her face turned serious.) Yeah well, It still doesn’t we’re not finished fighting.

Tails: Before you do, tell me what is going on and why you think Sonic kidnaped a Chao and a Frog.

Amy: How about I hear your side of the story first?

Sonic: Well you see…

                                                                       *5 Minutes Later…*

About five minutes later, everyone finishes explaining their stories as each opposite team was surprised with what was going on with each other’s.

Cream: So you guys are here to stop Dr. Eggman?

Tails: Yeah, we got message from Bokken written by Eggman who tells about his new weapon and will activate it in three days.

Knuckles: So let’s get straight here! You say that someone broke into Cream’s house and kidnaped a Chao of yours.

Cream: Yes! Cheese’s brother Chocola was taken that night without us knowing who did it.

Tails: Cheese has a brother? That’s a surprise!

Sonic: And you guys thought I kidnaped him?

Amy: This photo shows it. (She gives the photo to Sonic who takes a good look at it as he then gave some thought.)

Sonic: No way I could have done this. I save animals not capture them.

Tails: It’s got to be all of Eggman’s tricks. No way would Sonic kidnap your friends.

Big: So you think the No-No Doctor has taken Froggy?

Sonic: It’s a guess from our point of view, but if we find him, he might know something!

Suddenly a loud laughter could be heard as both Team Sonic and Rose look around to see where it was coming from when suddenly a small sphere-shaped robot hovers into the scene of the room and then gives off a blue holographic image of Eggman.

Dr. Eggman: Ho-hohohohoho!!! There you are my little fury nemesis.

Sonic: Eggman!!!

Dr. Eggman: I see that you were able to follow my trail all the way here in Grand Metropolis. Well to give you sad news, I’m not here. My robots working here were just to give you all a distraction while I moved on ahead. If you wish to see me again, I suggest you all head to Casino Park located at Empire City. Come to me if you still dare to. Your choice! Bhahahahahaha!!!

                                                                           To Be Continue
Sonic X Episode 83
Here is the next updated version of Ep83 of Sonic X Season 4. The old version back then was split into 2 parts separately, but this one has them together now to match with the other updated ones. During the events taken place in Grand Metropolis, the fictional company HEXAeco I've looked up on appears to be an allusion of the real-world American oil-conglomerate, Texaco. The founders of that company back when it was known as the Texas Fuel Company were Joseph S. Cullinan, Thomas J. Donoghue, Walter Benona Sharp and Arnold Schlaet who each discovered oil at Spindletop in southern Beaumout Texas. The Character I made for this episode is based on one of these founders as they were also confirmed to be the presidents of that company too back then. The battles in this episode I had to make short due to the amount of pages I could fit in. Also, I had a bit of trouble thinking how Sonic's Team and Amy's would fight each other as it showed in the anime's real episodes that they've all become more closer to each other and so since they would understand and trust each other. I hope you all like this episode. See ya soon for the Casino Park Events.



Client: I need you three to head for Casino Park.


Vector: We’re on our way.


Espio: Wonder what we’ll find there next?


Sonic: How about we team up to find Eggman and look for Chocola and Froggy together?


Amy: I suppose you may have a point there, Sonic!


Tails: Whoa, is that a Warp Ring?


Amy: Yeah, we can use it to go to Casino Park.


Knuckles: Alright then let’s get going.


Shadow: Casino Park, huh?


Chris: Next time on Sonic X, The City of Retches, Casino Park!!! Don’t miss it!

Sonic by SEGA and Sonic Team
Sireena by Kittygur38
Story and OCs by Gold-Ring-951

                                   All characters are copyright of S.E.G.A and Sonic Team

                                                                        Sonic X: Season 4

                                                                              Heroes Saga

                                                                         By Gold-Ring-951

                                                                       *Grand Metropolis*

The episode begins as a whole advance civilisation is shown which seems to resemble more of what people would see the future as which shows high up passing by the buildings were many flying vehicles such as hover cars and trucks as well as jets as they all fly over the city in a line of fast moving traffic. Also showing were many lit-up blue paths while on the sides shows a form of red liquid-like energy flowing through pipes. Last thing also shows billboards of a certain company logo in hexagon symbol shape as the sign shows the title being named "HEXAeco." All seemed very normal going on at first, but when a human driver in his truck looks up with notice, something was coming and not just one but more as many of Dr. Eggman’s Egg Pawn and Flappers come flying in and land in many parts of the city as they begun to attack as well begun putting up devices on the pathways which stops the energy flowing alongside them.

                                                      Episode 82: Energy of Grand Metropolis and the Food Thieves!!!

                                                                             *Team Sonic*

Back at Grand Metropolis up high as the buildings were, Team Sonic had already arrived as they could then see many events unfolding such as Eggman’s robots attacking everything in their way.

Sonic: Well guys, looks Eggman lead us into more of his business!

Knuckles: We know this was the direction he was heading for which also shows that his pets are causing mischief.

Tails: We got to do something you guys! Does robots are going to take over the city if we don’t stop them!

Sonic: Ha! Like we let him! Let’s get this over with by taking out the robots and finding out where Eggman is hiding!

As Sonic takes lead while he begins to run down a degree angle-shaped roof on a building, Tails and Knuckles follow just as they come to a Speed Ramp like the one back in Seaside Hill which gives them a boost as they fly across the air before landing on one of the lit blue roads hovering in the air which suddenly is giving Sonic and his teammates a speed increase.

Sonic: Whoa! These roads can increase our speed!

Tails: I heard that this city is run by an automatic energy plant located deep somewhere ahead.

Knuckles: Energy Plant?

Sonic: So then tis road must be powered by that energy flowing through those pipes.

Tails: Guys look ahead!

What Tails spots ahead at the end of the path connecting to the top of a green flat rooftop where a few Egg Pawns and Flappers who look as though as they were guarding something.

Knuckles: Eggman’s robots!

Sonic: They must be up to something with those machines working the paths. Let’s clean’em out!

As Team Sonic arrives, the robots attack, but a few of them are beaten quickly by Sonic’s Spin Jump and Homing Attacks and by Knuckles Punches.

Tails: Guys, grab onto my feet!

Sonic then jumps up to Tails who was flying as he grabs the fox’s feet just as Knuckles then grabs Sonic’s feet when two Flappers were coming at them.

Tails: How about Thunder Shoot! (Tails then uses a uses a Power Ring’s energy which flows into his body as he then kicks both Sonic and Knuckles forward separately as they form into spin balls covered in electricity which hits both Flappers as they fall to the feeling the static shock.)

As Sonic and Knuckles land back down a few feet away, Tails then rushes towards the Flappers and uses his Tail Spin Attack which gave the robots a hard whip as this knocks them away falling to the city below.

Tails: Now to check what they’re up too! (He then walks over to where his teammates were as he and they take a look at the device.)

The devices on each side of the deactivated path were red with monitors moving up and down showing digit orange images of Eggman’s face while connecting to them were red bar barriers made of energy.

Tails: This is Eggman’s work alright!

Sonic: Can you find a way to shut it off?

Tails: Leave to me! (He takes out a screwdriver as he then begins to tinker with the device just as he gets a hatch open.) There! Now let’s see… (He then fiddles around with the wires inside it just as he then pulls a set of red ones apart which the deactivates the device while the other one also stops working as it suddenly blows up by surprise.)

Knuckles: Hay! The other one just blew up!

Tails: They must be connectable machines. Maybe the one can’t function without the other one’s power!

Sonic: Well the road’s working again, so let’s move it on! (Sonic and his teammates then move onwards on the path as they head on deeper into the city.

                                                                              *Team Dark*

Meanwhile elsewhere in the city, Team Dark had also arrived while standing on top of a building as they could see while looking up that robots have begun attacking cars in the air.

Shadow: So… the Doctor must be behind all this.

Rouge: Whatever it takes, he’s mine as well as that secret treasure! (She then looks behind facing her teammates.) Anyone disagree?


Shadow: We can start with those robots that everywhere in the city!

Rouge: Perhaps we should try and get some get some information about the Doctor out of them!


The team then moves in as they jump up high and attack the robots with Shadow using his Spin and Homing Attacks, followed by Rouge who attacks with Screw Kick and Hip Drop. Omega also attacks with his Machine Guns while hovering in the air as many robots were shot down, but also accidently hits a few of the hovering vehicles as some begun to dive away from the battle while others begin to fall and lose power. Shadow then uses Triangle Jump to jump from the sides of the falling cars and trucks to move onwards just as he then jumps forward ahead and notices a long red and white pole with an orange, beak-like arrow on top as the head and base on another building. Shadow then grabs the pole with both his hands and begins to spin around and around while moving upwards just as he then reaches the end, let’s go and is sent flying forward as he then gabs onto another pole and does the same thing again with 3 more ahead just as he soon lands on top of a green building where more enemies where waiting just as Rouge and Omega gotten here quickly to help their teammate out. The Egg Pawns and Green Flappers fire their blasters at the team, but Omega uses his shield generator with his teammates behind him to defend from the attacks just as they then move in and use Auto Homing Attack on the enemies until there were none left in sight.

Shadow: Hmm… (He then notices two red machines on each side of the deactivated road just like the ones Team Sonic discovered.) Those machines… They’re causing the roads onwards from this point to not work.

Rouge: The red liquid I hear that runs through these pipes is traded by high prices!

Omega: EGGMAN MUST HAVE PLANS TO CONTROL THE ENERGY! MUST TERMINATE ALL EGGMAN ROBOTS REGARDLESS OF THEIR PURPOSE! (He then uses his cannons to blow up the two machines as the path and its energy start flowing normally again.)

Shadow and his team then move onwards as they use the blue moving roads to reach further into the city.

                                                                              *Team Rose*

Meanwhile in another part of the city that is less high up above the streets in a corner between two working blue roads, the Warp Ring suddenly appears out of nowhere as Amy, Big, Cream and Cheese emerge from it just as they then take their time to look at their surroundings.

Cream: Amy, are you sure Sonic is here?

Amy: I know he is, Cream! My heart never lies to me!

Cream: Then it must be so!

As the girls talk, Big then looks around as well as he then spots a closed green machine-like door on the side of a building wall which also had a red hexagon symbol marked on the centre.

Big: I wonder if Froggy is in here? (He then sees a handle switch on the side of the wall which was coloured in red, orange and light blue with a yellow star symbol on the front.) Maybe this opens it! (He then pushes the switch into the wall just as Amy took notice.)

Amy: Hay Big, what are you doing?

Big: Huh? (After he pushed the whole switch into the wall, the dark green lines marks on the door begun to fill up with the orange energy like the ones on the sides of the road as it then opens slightly before opening up fully very fast.)

What behind the door reviles was a robot that resembled a green turtle with a yellow underbelly, large orange eyes and had a cannon on top of its metal shell. It was already activated as it sees Team Rose in its sight and begins filling the cannon up with green energy.

Big: Aw… It’s not Froggy!

Amy: Um… Big…, I think you should next time think before opening!

The robot then fires its weapon which was a green ring-shaped energy blast which heads for Team Rose as they got out of the way just in time.

Cream: I think it’s one of Eggman’s robots!

Cheese: Chao-Chao!

Amy: Then let’s smash it. (As she moves in to fight, Amy takes out her Hammer and jumps towards the robot to whack it, but when it tucks its head into its shell, the attack did not give it much of a dent as Amy then tries to hit it all over the place.) Man! These turtle shells are stuck shut!

Big: No problem! I’ll beat them with my belly flop! (He then moves in and jumps up before he then uses Body Slam on the Badnik which still did not faze or forced it out of its shell.)

Cream only watched her friends just poorly beating the Badnik with no successful hits which could beat it until she decided to give a suggestion.

Cream: Um… I think we should flip the turtle to beat it you guys! (Her worlds cause Amy and Big to stop as they gave eye winks with shocked dotted mouth and eye faces.)

Amy: Right! (She then jumps up and uses Tornado Hammer on the robot which with success was able to lift it off the floor and land on its back as it now struggles to get up.)

Big then uses Body Slam one more time as he slams the robot flat hard; blowing it apart from piece to piece.

Amy: Thanks for the advice there, Cream! You’re a genius!

Cream: Me!? Hahaha!!! You should be calling Tails that if he was here!

Cheese: Chao!

Big: Oh Froggy… Where are you?

Cream: Don’t be sad Big, I’m sure we will find Froggy. I’m still not giving up finding Chocola!

Amy: She’s right! Let’s start looking around! If Eggman’s robots are here, no doubted Sonic will come by smashing them up.

The team then presses onwards as they begin their search through Grand Metropolis to look for their missing friends.

                                                                           *Team Chaotix*

Meanwhile on top of one of the lower built towers, Team Chaotix had already shown up just as their walky-talky rings with Vector answering it.

Vector: This is Vector here! We’re at Grand Metropolis!

Client: Good! So now the real test begins for you three! All of you are about to head into Eggman’s territory. Are you ready?

Espio: You still want to keep going with this? It ain’t to late too late to call it off y’know!

Vector: What do you think we’ve come out here for? We need rent, that’s for sure.

Client: Now here is your next mission. Dr. Eggman’s robots are taking complete control of the city as well as its source of power they are stealing from the Power Plant. You all must find and destroy all of my… err… The Eggman Robots!

Charmy: Whatever you say boss!

Client: And um… be gentle with them will you?

Espio: Why do you care? (He gives an odd look with dotted eyes and has his arms crossed.)

Client: Well I…

Vector: QUIET Espio! (He shows red eyes of anger.)

Espio: Very well…

Vector: Don’t you worry about a thing! We’ll deal with the bots while on our way to the plant. Vector out! (He then hangs up on the walky before facing his teammates.) Okay boys, let’s bust these robots painlessly!

Charmy: How about with a jam session? (Takes out a drum and two drumsticks.)

Espio: Sounds inhumane to me! (Takes out a shamisen.)

Vector: Let’s start with those ones first! (He points to another green tower ahead which was lower levelled and had on top of it two Egg Pawns, one Flapper and a Cameron standing around and keeping guard of another blocked road.)

As the Chaotix make a big jump and over to get across, they land safely just as the robots then spot them and take arms.

Vector: Let’s show’em our talent, boy! (He takes a microphone poll as the team then begin their music.)

Espio: I live in… Shadows…

Vector: I’m a croc!

Charmy: I’m Charmy Bee!


As they sing and played their instruments, the loud sounds they make made the robots feel a headache as the Egg Pawns cover their ears while they and the other two robots gave wide eye looks just as they then suddenly blown up. The robots are all in a junk pile thanks to the Chaotix’s singing attack which was what defeated them.

Charmy: Hay Espio, you think we finally got it right this time?

Espio: Not a chance, Charmy.

Just then, a green Flapper also falls onto the pile of broken robots which caught the Chaotix’s attention.

Charmy: Didn’t see that one!

Espio then looks up as he then notices a dash of blue, yellow and red which had hit and couple of more Flappers in the air which are sent falling as well as getting destroyed.

Espio: Seems like somebody else and not just us is taking care of these artificial beings.

Vector: Hay that’s stealing our work! But on the other hand, it does cut all the time we have to deal with Eggman’s minions! Well as long as we’re having some help, let’s make our way to the Power Plant while we’re at it! (He and his teammates move onwards as they head in the direction where they were told to go as more robots have yet to be taken out by them.


                                                                        *Station Square, Sophmore High*

Meanwhile a little later back on Earth located at Station Square within the Sophmore High School, Sireena and her three friends Mai, Thomas and Jerry were beginning their investigation on a recent incident on food being stolen from the cafeteria with some people believing it was them who did it as they look hard to clear their names. While Thomas stands and peeps outside the door leading out into the hallway to keep watch, Sireena and the other two girls look high and low for any clues in the kitchen which had been left unattended.

Sireena: How’s it looking Thomas?

Thomas: Still no sign of anyone coming. The hall seems clear this afternoon!

As Jerry looks into a few cooking pots, Mai then checks the cabinets by opening the doors to see if there were any sign of clues just as she then spots something to the left which looked like a small piece of metal, but did not look anything that would belong in the kitchen as she pulls it to herself just as her eyes caught glimpse on what it was.

Mai: Hay guys, you might want to see this!

As Sireena and Jerry come to where Mai was, she sands up, turns around and shows in her hands what she found which liked a small grey mouse-like robot with small purple feet and yellow eyes as well as a thing long tail she held the thing up by.

Jerry: What is it?

Sireena: Hay, let me see that for a second! (Mai then gives Sireena the mouse-like thing as she took a good look at it.)

Thomas: It almost looks like your K.I.T.T.Y.

Sireena: This thing is nothing like my own cat!

Mai: You mean robot cat, right?

Sireena: Yes!

Just then, Thomas could then hear talking outside in the hall as he peeps out for a few seconds and sees someone coming as he closes the door quietly. From outside, it sounded like two young boy students talking about something and also sounded as if they were running.

Boy Student#1: Did hear? Dodger’s found who’s been the one stealing from the school!

Boy Student#2: It’s happening outside on the field! Let’s go see who it is!

Thomas: Did you all here that?

Sireena: We got to go see what’s happening!

Sireena and her friends agree as they exit the kitchen and follow to where the two boy students went to see what was going on outside.

                                                                          *Playing Field*

Outside of the school building on the playing field, a crowd of students were gathering around as teachers also came to see what was going on. In the centre, something was going on as three taller students held another little student by the arm which was a young blond hair boy who looked really scared and frightened as he had tears which could be barley seen from his eyes. The tall people looked as though if they were 11th grade age with two being male and one female. The first male in the centre of the group was had slightly blond hair and eyebrows, blue-green eyes and had a bandage on the left side of his forehead as he also held under his arm a red ball. On the left of the tall guy was a girl who also looked as she was in the 11th grade as well as looking a bit East Asian as she had blue eyes and black hair held back in a ball not with a hair pin with a daisy on the end keeping it tightened up. The next person on the right was tan and looked more muscular with short black hair, brown eyes. Like all other students, they were wearing matching school uniforms. Just as Sireena and her friends show up in the crowed, they could see what was going on just as one of the school’s staff move out into the centre.

Teacher#1: What is the meaning of this, Dodger?

Teacher#2: Why are holding the student like that?

Dodger: This boy here you say? Well I’m sure you and the Principal would want to hear this.

???: Defiantly! Dodger here has found who the lunch thief is!

???: This 10th Grader here is the one!

???: We saw him trying to sneak into the back entrance into the school’s cafeteria, possible trying to steal everyone’s meal of the day! This is proves that he’s been the one doing it!

The school’s Principal then walks in after hearing what was going on. He was tall middle age man with dark brown hair and brown eyes as he wore a green smart suit with a blue tie around the neck and had black smart shows on his feet.

Principal: Are you sure it was this boy, Dodger? (Dodger then gave a nod of yes to the Principal until…)

Sireena: That’s not true!

Everyone’s attention turns to Sireena who steps in between the crowed and Dodger’s gang.

Sireena: No way someone like that kid would do such a thing! Everyone knows that the back way into the kitchen is always locked and with the key being out of anyone’s reach.

Dodger: Well look who decided to show up after all!

???: This was the best plan yet to lure her out here!

???: Defiantly!

Sireena: Huh?

Just then, Dodger lets the boy go and the tall girl then throws a black book to the floor as the boy picks it up quickly and runs towards the crowed with many people including Sireena looking quite confused.

Dodger: Of course we know it wasn’t that boy who did it. It was you and your group of friends that’s who!

Mai: That’s a lie! No way I go around stealing and stuffing myself up! It would ruin my beauty!

Jerry: And besides, we just found some evidence ourselves while at the scene of the crime! Show them, Sireena!

Sireena then shows out the odd-looking mouse-like toy that her friends found which somehow gave Dodger a surprise look just as he looks over to one of his gang members with the tan boy tacking out what looks like the same robot she was holding, but was a little beaten up.

Sireena: Another one?

Dodger: Tell me something, Thorndyke. Who’s the only person we know who makes things like this?

???: We all know your father owns the best tech company there is around.

???: Defiantly! While we were waiting to see who it was that would come back to take the food from the school, we found this little thing and stomped it.

Dodger: This little metal rodent proves 1 thing. We blacked mailed that little cry-baby so that we could lure the real crock out of hiding which is no doubted… you! It was undeniable prof that we know your daddy is the only one who can make these things and that you would use it to steal in secret! So what did you do with all the food? Eat it? Gave it away to a poor family?

As everyone begins to talk among themselves on what Dodger had said out load, some of which could not believe that Sireena would do such a thing in stealing.

Student#1: No way!

Student#2: We all know Sireena has pulled many pranks, but stealing can’t be one of them.

Master Eric: And how would you know if it was her? (Just then, Master Eric shows up as he steps in between Dodger and Sireena.) Dodger, you can’t just accuse a crime on someone who you hate. That is not the way a man should take pride on!

Dodger: How would you know? She pulls a lot of pranks on us and others and you say she’s not a thief?

Master Eric: It is true you are the head of this school’s disciplinary ordeal, but that has made your pride bind you, Songo and Chard here with hating others for no reason.

Dodger: You want some of my ball knocking your teeth out? (He then gets his Dodgeball out and ready.)

Principle: Dodger! Stop it right- (Master Eric put his palm as the Principle noticed and stopped shouting as he looked confused.)

Master Eric: Sireena…

Sireena: Yes… Master Eric?

Dodger: You do remember what I told you earlier today, right? Show it all to Dodger, so that he may learn his lesson.

                                                                             *Eyecatch 1*

Name: E-1002 Egg Flapper

Height: 90 cm (0 ft. 1 in.)

Weight: Unknown

Time of Creation: Unknown

                                                                            *Eye catch 2*

Name: E-1003 Cameron

Height: 99 cm (6 ft. 2 in.)

Weight: Unknown

Time of Creation: Unknown

                                                                         *Sophmore High, Playing Field*

Back with the incident going on at Sophmore High, a few of the students and staff were shocked by Master Eric to allow a fight between Sireena and Dodger take part.

Thomas: What’s Master Eric doing?

Jerry: Is he allowing Sireena to fight Dodger right in front of the whole school?

Principle: Master Eric, are you for real!? We don’t allow this kind of thing to occur at this school. Surely you must understand that-

Master Eric: It will be alright, sir! I want everyone to see and learn from this that there are alternative ways in this situation. (He then walks back over to the crowed with Sireena watching him take his place.) Allow Thorndyke here to demonstrate for us!

Sireena the gets into a battle pose just as Dodger and his gang laugh at what Eric was allowing to go down.

Dodger: According to School rules, throwing a dodgeball at someone is allowed since they’re very soft. However, with me being captain of the School’s Dodgeball Team, I have the incredible throw, it’s so hard when it hits my opponents! (He then takes a battle pose as he gets his ball ready while Songo and Chard have more balls ready in their hands.)

Songo: We got your back, Dodger!

Chard: Definitely got your back!



The fight starts as Dodger throws his dodgeball towards Sireena at fast speed, but missed as she was able to dodge it.

Dodger: Throw me more!

As Songo and Chard throw the dodgeballs over to Dodger one at a time, he continues to throw the balls at Sireena, but kept missing every time just as she then was able to catch one of the balls in her hands as she then uses it as a shield to block the other incoming balls while still avoiding them also.

Mai: Yeah! That’s right Sireena! Show’em you’re the boss! Kick Dodger’s ass!

Sireena: (She gives off a smart smile and frown.) I would like that, but we’re in a school, so I can only do what Master Eric teaches me to do!

Dodger: THAT’S IT!!!

Dodger then does a different method to attack Sireena as he holds to dodgeballs out by the palms of his hands as he then charges forward at Sireena and tries to push to ball towards her as she dodges the first strike. The way Dodger attacks was more like using the dodgeballs as boxing gloves while Sireena use the dodgeball she was holding to bock the attacks aiming for her face while she dodge the lower attacks aiming for her chest. Dodger then tries to hammer the balls down on Sireena, but missed at that moment as she then sweep kicks the balls out of his hands.

Dodger: I need more ball!

Chard: Definitely… Not!

Songo: We’re out of balls!

Dodger: What?

Sireena: Here! You can use this one! (She then passes the ball she had over to Dodger as he catches it.)

Dodger: That’s one mistake you’ll make. (He then takes a moment to look around carefully as he then spots the bond boy he blackmailed earlier as he gave a frown.) Let’s see if you can save somebody! (He then throws the ball towards the direction he was aiming.)

Sireena then knew what Dodger was doing as she rushes over to where the ball was heading just as she then frond flips in a somersault and at the right moment, kicks one of the balls on the ground towards the incoming ball as it hits and repels it backwards towards Dodger very fast as it hits him in the head hard which sends him flying back and falls to the floor.


Everyone except for Eric was shocked at first until all students who gathered around then gave cheers to Sireena who was catching her breath just as her friends came to her side.

Mai: Sireena!

Thomas: Are you okay?

Jerry: That was amazing!

Master Eric: As you all may of notice, Miss Thorndyke here showed you the alternative way of fighting; a way without hitting anyone!

Songo: What do you mean without hitting anyone? She hit Dodger who took it in the face!

Chard: Yeah, Definitely what she said!

Master Eric: He was hit by his own ball he threw. Not by Sireena. It bounced back after it hit the ball she kicked when protecting someone he tried to throw at. Now do you all see what I taught her?

Principle: Master Eric, you really taught us all something about. As for Sireena here, you’ve given her some amazing training we shall hope it has given her use for the upcoming tournament in your name. (Everyone I the crowed all agreed while Sireena looked away a little as she showed a little red on her face as if she was shy.) Now then, since Dodger and his friends made this mess, they shall be clearing up the dodgeballs they’ve thrown everywhere.

As Dodger got up, he heard what the Principle had said as he and his gang were shocked by this and gave a moaning look as they turn their faces away. Just then out of nowhere, an orange and grey monkey-like robot jumps into scene, jumps and craws over Dodger’s gang and by surprise, takes the busted mouse robot by the tail from them. Another one came at Sireena as it crawls up over her and takes the robot mouse she had as it escapes along with the other one running off.

Sireena: A monkey?

Besides Sireena, everyone took notice of what they all saw just now as many were speechless until one of them spit out a question.

Mai: What was that?

Jerry: Could that monkey have been the theif?

Before anyone could do anything, the strange robotic-looking monkeys were already gone along with the evidence that was found. Not far over the other side of the school’s high fence, Chris had also saw all what was going on as he too gave thought on the monkeys. He then looks over to where Sireena was and sees her friends giving her cognates as well as the blond boy who came up to her.

Blond Student: Hay um… Thanks. For sticking up and saving me from those guys!

Sireena: It’s what I like to do! (Places her hand on the boys shoulder.) If they try to black male anybody, I’ll be there.

Chris: Guess she really has been training hard! I’d got to do my best as well then! Still… those monkeys... Something about them and the looks seem quite… familiar. (He then looks up at the sky in wonder.)


                                                                      *Grand Metropolis, Team Rose*

Back on Mobius in the city of Grand Metropolis, Team Rose fighting their way through more hordes of Egg Pawns and Camerons as they take them out with Hammer Whacks, Chao Missile and Rolling Attack. Just before they could take more on, Flappers came flying in and shooting at them as the team makes a run for it and make a big jump off the top of the tower they were on. One the way down were a few horizontal bars that floated in the air very still as Amy spotted them.

Amy: That might work! (She then holds her hammer up ready.)

Once Amy was close, she then has her hammer caught onto one of the bars like a hook as she then swings around on it and uses this method to jump over to the other bars which then lead her to floating hexagon-shape platform made of red and blue machinery.

Cream: So where to next, Amy?

Amy: Let’s see… (As Amy looks around, she then notices that a little far out from the platform they were one which looked like a large metallic disc flouting in mid-air with a red outer rim and a grey inner rim with a blue circle with yellow edges and a yellow star in the centre.) Maybe… that might be of some use.

Cream: Looks like a target board from this distance.

Big: Do you think we should hit it?

Amy: I guess if we get up a bit high! Think you can get me up there, Cream?

Cream: Okay! (She the uses her ears to take flight as Amy grabs her by the feet as they lift themselves up of the platform while Big waits for them.)

Once they were high enough, Cheese then has himself turn into a spin ball as Amy takes her Hammer out and give the Chao a boost by hitting him as he hits the Target Switch right on bull’s eye. After that, the Target vanishes as it spins as something from the centre on the platform rises out just as it reaches the height it could reach. It turns out the floating Target Switch had activated a pole as Amy, Cream and Cheese came back down safely to see what had happened.

Big: What’s this?

Amy: I think this pole might help lead us to some place. If I use my Tornado Hammer near it, we might be able to go up!

Cream: Let’s see if it works then!

As Amy walk close to the Pole, she then jumps up with her Hammer ready in hand and then swings it to use Tornado Hammer as the pink cyclone hits the pole which creates swirling wind around it. Amy lands and then jumps forward as she grabs the pole with her hands with the wind giving her a boost to spin around and around just as Cream jumps in and grabs her feet; followed by Big who grabs her feet as the whole team begins spinning their way upwards. Once they reach the top of the pole, they are shoot out one at a time straight towards a connected building structure with Springs built onto it as they bounce from the first one to the others just as they then land on the top of another tower with a wide surface and a blue road connected to it.

Big: I’m dizzy after all that!

Amy: How does Sonic even stand this stuff?

Cream: I wonder…

Amy: Anyway, I think we can move onwards from here. Let’s get-

Before Amy and her team could move onwards, a pack of Flappers come flying over them heading straight onwards ahead of them as they see them off.

Big: Hay! Those are the bad robots!

Cream: Where do you think they’re going?

Amy: We’ll find out if we follow them! (She then runs ahead as her teammates follow her.)

                                                                           *Team Chaotix*

Back with the Chaotix, they were inside a facility of the city which was advance looking as it was which was also full of Eggman’s troops. Vector attacks by doing a forward rolling attack with Espio by him who spins like a tornado as they clear the Egg Pawns out of their path while Charmy takes out some Flappers with his Sting Attack which defeated them really fast. Once most of the robots were destroyed, the remaining ones gave fear as they decided to turn tail until Espio throws multiple Kunai Knifes which hit the robots in the back which then deactivates them as they fall to the floor.

Espio: No way we let them get away!

Charmy: We must destroy every robot the client asked us to!

Vector: Surely more must be somewhere close by! (Suddenly, the Walky-Talky starts beeping again as Vector takes it.)

Client: If you keep on going through the facility, you’ll may be able to get to the Power Plant by fast route. Most of the robots are hiding out there. Clear as many more as you can until you get there!

Vector: We’re on our way!

Charmy: Hay! What do you think’s in here? (He was looking at one of the slide open doors that were not yet activated.)

Espio: Maybe further on if we open it up!

Vector: Let’s open it up and see!

Vector and Espio then find two wall switches on each side of the door as they both walk up to and place their hands on each of them and then pull them out together as the door activates and opens up quickly. Inside behind the door they uncover what looked like a mechanical-looking flower with a green metal stalk and leafs with a purple bud on the top that has not bloomed.

Vector: Well this room seems like it’s nothing!

Espio: What is that plant thing in here do you think?

Charmy: Looks like… a flower! (He then begins to sing.) Oh Flower? Pretty Flower. Show your face and I’ll sting you! (He then uses his Sting Attack on the flower.)

Vector: What are ya doing?

Charmy: Look!

What Charmy did then suddenly caused the metallic flower to bloom with the peddles opening up to revile a glowing pad in the centre.

Vector: How’d you do that?

Charmy: I don’t know!

Espio: You don’t know?

Charmy: I see lots of these kinds of flowers all over the world! I’m not sure how I make them bloom, but what you find inside them can be of good use! They can even be use to teleport to different places.

Vector: If that’s what they do, then maybe its best we use it then. It might get use some place further in the city!

Espio: Let’s go then!

The Chaotix all jump up onto the top of the flower in the centre. Once they were on, they then vanish in a flash of light.

                                                                              *Team Dark*

Back outside high above in the city, Team Dark were taking a ride on rails by grinding on them with their feet just as they circle around a tall building once before the rail then leads the way downwards before leading onwards straight high above a street. The team then make one big jump off the rails as they then make their way back up to the top of the city as Shadow makes big jumps from the platforms built onto the sides of the structures while Rouge and Omega fly up to follow him. Once they’ve made it to the top, they were then surprise to find something up here they did not expect. What they find was the wreckage of a hover truck which was owned by the HEXAeco Company and that robots were around taking some wooden and steel crates from it at the back.


Shadow: Must be very important stuff the Doctor is after!

Rouge: Hay look! In that truck! (What Rouge points towards to was an unconscious yellow male anthropomorphic dog dressed in a green jumpsuit with a light vest and an orange working helmet which had the company’s logo on them both.) Omega, think you can deal with the robots? I’ll save that guy trapped in the truck.


Rouge and Omega move in as the Egg Pawns and Flappers take notice of the two’s presents and begin to attack them with laser and gun fire. As Omega jumps up, Rouge dodges the attacks from the robots as she then attacks with Screw Kick by drilling head-on with her feet bypassing the robots which brings them down and out just as she then kicks the door of the truck which cuts it open as she then gets the unconscious diver out safely just as the area was now clear of robots. As Rouge places the truck driver near a wall, her teammates come over as she tries to wake the diver up.

Rouge: Hay there, you hear me?

Truck Driver: (Morn…) What…? What’s going on?

Shadow: That’s what we want to know! Why were Doctor Eggman’s robots attacking your truck and taking the cargo from it?

Truck Driver: Did you say Doctor Eggman? He’s the one attacking the city and stealing its source of energy?

Rouge: Why is he after it?

Truck Driver: Well… I may not know what is going on, but I do know where else in the city might be under attack. The Power Plant; it’s where our company supplies all the energy at which is all owned by our boss; also the head of the company.

Shadow: Whereabouts is the Power Plant?

Truck Driver: It’s at the centre of the city, just northwest of here about a few blocks.

Rouge: Might be where Eggman could be!


Shadow: Thank for the info!

Team Dark then moves ahead onwards as they leave the trucker behind after he gave them info on the Power Plant area which may be where Eggman could be hiding at.

                                                                             *Team Sonic*

Back with Team Sonic, they were trying to outrun some Egg Flappers in the colours of green and blue each armed with blasters and machine guns underneath their bodies as they fire on them while giving chase on another of the blue moving roads high up in the city. Tails then takes flight and turns around while still going in the direction his team were heading as he then uses his Arm Cannon to fire Energy Balls at the chasing Flappers as a few were taken down by the attack.

Knuckles: We got in-coming ahead!

Ahead leading onto a normal solid foothold, two Camerons were waiting in Team Sonic’s way as they begun to fire up their weapons to use on them just as they fired. Sonic and Knuckles could see the attacks coming as they both separately Skid to duck down and jump to make it over the attacks. Sonic then jumps while performing a Spin Jump just as he grabs Knuckles’ hand just as they both begun to use Spin Attack together as they roll towards the two Badniks and ram them aside. While on a normal built pathway built with Dash Panels, more Camerons were ahead placed in different positions as Team Sonic fight their way through with Sonic and Knuckles using Spin Dash and Screwdriver on the robots ahead as well as Side Stepping to avoid a few and use the Dash Panels while Tails uses his Dummy Rings and Arm Cannon to take out the chasing Flappers as they were soon clear of them. After they soon go through a Shuttle Loop built on the path, they then head up a steep part of the road where many cars were placed as they soon notice that it was being lifted up. They soon make a big jump as they soon made to another safe place to land which was still high up on a building coloured blue with the HEXAeco Company logo marked on the centre of the floor under their feet.

Tails: That was quite a road block!

Sonic: How low can Eggman go with all this chaos he’s causing?

Knuckles: We have to hurry and find him before who knows what more trouble he’ll cause.

Tails: Hmm… I wonder where we are first though?

As Sonic looks around, he notices ahead that he and his team were very close to a clear part of the city while in the entire centre standing before them was a huge tall green building with many glass windows and had the HEXAeco sign showing halfway high.

Sonic: Whoa!!! That is one tall building!

Knuckles: What is this place?

Tails: This must be Power Plant. It’s where the source of the city’s energy comes from. Look there. (What Tails points too where many big glass pipes with the orange energy flowing through them which was what kept many of the blue moving paths powered.)

Knuckles: Eggman must be in there then.

Sonic: C’mon! We better look for a way to get inside!

The team then moves in as Tails takes flight while Knuckles Glides through the air with Sonic riding his back while holding on just as they reach the side of the building with the red echidna scaling it just before he then Climbs as Sonic jumps off and let’s Tails lift him up as they fly after Knuckles.

                                                                              *Team Dark*

Just then, Team Dark soon arrives as they could see the Power Plant right before their eyes just as two Flappers come flying by with steel containers they were carrying. Omega notices them and shoots them down with his Lock-On Laser Blast which brings the Flappers down as they fall.


Rouge: Guess that means Eggman must be inside!

Shadow: Then let’s find him. You two ready? (He then takes out his Green Chaos Emerald as his teammates nod as of yes just as they move in closer to him just as he was about to perform him warping.) Chaos Control!!! (With that, they soon vanish by using Chaos Control to make their way into the Power Plant.

                                                                           *Team Chaotix*

Also not far down in the clearing of the city close to the Power Plant, the Chaotix had run into what seems to be more packs of Eggman Robots after the metal flower transported them as they already begun fighting them off with Vector grabbing a Cameron and lifting it up before throwing it at a pack of Egg Prawn which blows them up. Espio uses his invisibility to attack more Egg Prawn without notice and even jumps to a wall to avoid getting hit by the robot’s blasters of where they think he would be as he then throws Shurikens at them which made direct hits and deactivates them. Charmy meanwhile was playing around as one Egg Prawn was trying to hit him with a bazooka, but kept missing as it only hit Prawns who were turn away by other attention.

Charmy: Miss me!!! Miss me!!! Now you gotta kiss me!!! Whoa, come to think of it, maybe not! Yuck!!!

As the Egg Prawn was about to fire at Charmy, Vector comes in with a powerful punch attack which sends it flying into a pile of crates before being destroyed and blown to bits.

Vector: Hopefully I think that guy was the last of them here in the city.

Espio: The rest must be at the Power Plant. We should go and check there next!

Charmy: Is that it over there. (He then points to the big green building ahead.)

Vector: Great spotting there, Charmy! Let’s get going! (He walks past Charmy as he heads onwards.)

Charmy: You hear that Espio? He called me great!

Espio: No, he was only appreciating on your help which you’ve done for once! (He too also walks onwards to follow Vector.)

Charmy: Geez thanks!

                                                                              *Team Rose*

Finally back with Amy’s group, they were able to catch a ride on top of a yellow and red blimp carrying blue platform overhead acting as a foothold as it was taking them over to where the Power Plant was just in front of them.

Amy: It’s a good thing we manage to catch a ride, huh?

Cream: Look at the size of that tall building!

Big: It’s huge! Do you think Froggy might be inside?

Cream: I hope so; same for Chocola!

Just then, Amy notices something far ahead scaling the building as she takes out a pair of binoculars and looks through them to get a close look just as the vision clears to see who it was climbing.

Amy: Wha!? It’s Knuckles!

Cream: Huh? Amy, are you sure?

Cheese: Chao?

Amy: (Gasp) Oh my god!

Big: What’s wrong!

Amy: Tails is here as well… AND SO IS SONIC!!! (She could see both Sonic and Tails through her binoculars who were both making their way up the building.)

Cream: Sonic’s here!? Can you see Chocola or Froggy with him?

Amy: No, it’s just him, Tails and Knuckles. Let’s hurry and make our way over there! (Both her teammates then nod after turning her head aside to them.)

From this point, all four teams were making their way into the Power Plant Zone; the heart of Grand Metropolis. What will happen next once they are inside? Will they find Eggman who could be inside with all his robots?

To Be Continued
Sonic X Episode 82
Well here it my people, a new version of Sonic X Ep82. For this episode, it features more new characters that I added and came up with like Dodger and his gang who are a group of bullies at Sireena's School who call themselves a Disciplinary Committee who go around bullying students who they think have no discipline. (Or so they assume...) Each member of this group I can spoil to you all is each has a talent in sports with Dodger being the captain of the School's Dodgeball Team. I hoped you all like this episode. Next ones coming your way!



Amy: Found you, Sonic!!!

Sonic: Amy!?

Cream: Where are Chocola and Froggy, Sonic?

Shadow: What are you three doing here?

Vector: Hay it’s Shadow… and Rouge is with him.

Charmy: Look he has an Eggman Robot with him! ATTACK!!!

Tails: There’s a Chaos Emerald here in the Plant and it’s seems to be making something for Eggman’s Robots!

Chris: Next time on Sonic X... Teams’ Duke Out in the Power Plant Zone!!! Don’t miss it!

Sonic by SEGA and Sonic Team
Sireena by Kittygur38
Story and other OCs by Gold-Ring-951

Well everyone, I have decided to get back to doing my stories. Since it has been so hard to keep track of a few if haven't done in a long time, I decided this. I will make three Episode/Chapter each at a time for each story. Here are the ones I'm doing below.

Sonic X Season 4 (Updated Version.)
Episode 79: Sonic X Episode 79                                                          All characters are copyright of S.E.G.A and Sonic Team
                                                                        Sonic X: Season 4
                                                                              Metal Saga

Episode 80: Sonic X Episode 80                                                            All characters are copyright of S.E.G.A and Sonic Team
                                                                        Sonic X: Season 4
                                                                              Heroes Saga

Episode 81: Sonic X Episode 81                                                            All characters are copyright of S.E.G.A and Sonic Team
                                                                        Sonic X: Season 4
                                                                              Heroes Saga

SMBZ Smithy Saga
(Upload Later)
Episode 01:
Episode 02:
Episode 03:
Episode 04:
Episode 05: SMBZ Smithy Saga Ep 5
                                                                           *Starting Gag*
In a field of grassy plain field with green hills in the background while the sky is yellow, Mario is waiting under a ?-Block just as the loading bar finishes loading and then notices it was time. He jumps up and hits the block from underneath. The scene then zooms out after a voice was heard which came from Professor; Elven Gadd who then takes out his DS Computer and pushes some buttons on it. Where Mario was standing, two big robotic arms with white gloves came with the one in front of Mario holding a slingshot while the other behind him grabs him. As Mario begins to act nervous, he was placed in position after the left hand placed him in the strap of the slingshot the right one had. As E-Gadd gave the word,

Paper Mario: Fairy Tales
(Upload Later)
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